Peak Spider Lycra Fashion

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Everyone’s favorite Christmas-colored cyclist comes to life with this bright green wig streaked with red! You too can be the Peak Spider Makishima Yusuke in this cool, silky smooth wig.

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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 1 in

1 review for Peak Spider Lycra Fashion

  1. Jem

    This is honestly the best Makishima wig I have seen on the market. The color is so accurate (red and green!) and the length and bangs are as well! The second best thing about this wig is that I swear it has some pact with the tangling gods, because this wig DOES NOT get tangled. I was literally running around in ridiculous wind gusts and all I had to do was brush it out with my fingers to make the fibers look nice and smooth again. Amazing. I would recommend it highly to ANYONE shopping around for a Maki wig! The only styling I had to do really was trim up the bangs (a usual task for all my wigs). I put no product on the wig and it looks great! Plus, the women I purchased this from at Katsucon were so nice. Definitely a business I want to support. Nice work! (I do have pictures of me in cosplay with the wig but I was unsure of how to attach them to this review…)

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