gift certificates

The Five Wits GIFT CARD

Perfect for holidays or birthdays! You can now purchase a gift card for ONLINE USE ONLY. Select the gift card amount that you would like to purchase, check out, and we will email you a personalized gift card coupon code to give to whomever you want! If you would like it to be personalized to the recipient of the gift, please write a brief description during check out including maybe the name or event for whom the card will be for and we will make a code accordingly. ✨

Examples for perfect uses:
Espionage missions
Costume balls
Battle gear for fighting cancer
Tracking down Carmen Sandiego for Interpol
Witness protection
Bachelor & Bachelorette parties
Drag shows
Trailing suspects
High school reunions
High school in general
Drama productions
Hiding your identity in general
Maybe…. even cosplay!