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  1. Hello! I was wondering when Sad Fluff Apocalypse was planning to restock? No worries if there isn’t anything scheduled, I’m just curious!

  2. Hello! The wig I bought turned out to be a lot fluffier and tangled than the picture, so the curls are lost. Is there any chance for a new copy/replacement at all? Please let me know soon, as this is for Halloween. Thank you!

  3. Hi I bought a wig from you – actually, two – but the Rat king wig i bought at San japan wasn’t quite right for Edgeworth. Is there a different wig i could use instead?

  4. Hi there. Which wigs would you recommend for ‘Kazuki Muto’ & ‘Captain Bravo’ from “Buso Renkin”? Also for ‘Loki’ from “Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok”?

    “Dire Destiny Bright Burn” seems good for Captain Bravo.
    “Sky Destiny Clown Shoes” might be good for Kazuki.
    “Memory Captor Cherry Blossom” might be good for Loki, but is a bit too blonde than brown.

    What do you think? Thank you

  5. Excited for the new wig, but how long does it usually take for an order confirmation? Just want to ensure you received my order.

    1. Hi! We sent it on the 21st, which was the first business day we could mail it after receiving it, since the order was made on a Sunday with a postal holiday on the following Monday. I sent the tracking email after it had been mailed out.

  6. My roommate has been buying wigs from here for years. She’s always sang about how good you guys are. So I purchased my first wig from you a few weeks ago. I’m totally blown away by not only how fast it arrived but by the quality. Its beautiful and wonderfully put together. I will be purchasing more wigs in the future from you!

  7. Do you know when Glimmering Rough Puff Pastry will be back in stock? My daughter is dressing up as Glimmer for Halloween. If this wig won’t be restocked in time is there a good substitute you can recommend? Thank you!

  8. I was just wondering when the Isabelle Animal Crossing wig (Do It For Her) would be in stock, I was looking to cosplay her at the end of September…

    1. We are! We’ve got at least three wigs on the way for Genshin Impact characters, though due to Covid-19 they will likely take a while to get to us. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletter to find out when they arrive!

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you have any advice on styling the superior form of purple wig. I just ordered it and made the account after I ordered it but I was wondering if there were any tips to styling it or the wigs in general as I also own the block king wig.

    1. Both of those wigs are very easy to spike. You can use any good quality hair spray, just don’t use too much as the thick fibers don’t really need a large amount. All the wigs are heat stylable but with those two short wigs you probably won’t need to do that! Thanks for buying our wigs.

  10. Hey! First off, I just want to check if this is still active and I could still order wigs. Secondly, I’m looking for a wig to cosplay Luz, from the Owl House. If you look her up, you should be able to find her.

    two examples of her hairstyle are below (either would work):
    https://s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/images.deccanchronicle.com/dc-Cover-g4bflmnbi4coegebsi9036ohp2-20200816153045.Medi.jpeg https://64.media.tumblr.com/fb6bf326ec3711c9d8f3f27d636142ee/3329c9d627da61a1-fd/s640x960/b1c6ac8d92868e7dafbdac10001bc667cebab14e.jpg

  11. Hi! I apologize for the inconvenience but is there an estimated time in which the Certain Angle of Light wig is going to be restocked?
    Thank you so much!! 🙂

  12. Hey, is it possible to order custom wigs color-wise? I need a copper wig with an undercut also in copper. If thats not possible, can you recommend a wig, I could use to cut the undercut myself? I’m scared that you’ll be able to see the wefts and the wig cap underneath, if the hair is too short.

  13. Hi, do you have a wig that would work for Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon? I haven’t been able to find one and any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  14. Hello! I’ve already emailed you but I will ask here too just to make sure 🙂
    I’d love to place my first order from your shop but I have no idea about how the payment works with EUR so, does it change automatically from USD?
    Also, is it possible for you to ship to Italy right now? ^^

    1. Hiya! It’s possible for us to ship to Italy as long as both the US and Italy keep their borders open for mailing (so far so good, at the time of writing this). It should convert euros to USD automatically.

  15. hi! i was just wondering if and/or when there would be a restock on the Hall Monitor Moral Brows wig? i don’t need a wig for Kiyotaka Ishimaru until july but i was hoping to get one some time beforehand just in case. thank you!

  16. I’m looking to upgrade my JJ Leroy wig into one with more of the grey styled undercut. I originally ordered the Spinning Ravioli Tidy Scout as it mentioned JJ specifically in the description. I did notice the “Love Is A Battlefield”, though it’s mostly tagged as Otabek (there’s one side view tagged as JJ) and a few photos make it look a bit brown on top. I’m also not sure how well the bangs will style compared to my original which was omnidirectional.
    Would you recommend using Love Is A Battlefield for JJ?

  17. I was wondering if you were going to restock the Super High School Lucky Guy wig? I don’t need until April but I would love to know if its being restocked anytime soon.

  18. Good afternoon!! I was wondering if you guys were thinking of producing any wigs inspired by Promare. I’m currently looking online for one for Lio, but would hold off and wait if one would be released from you guys. Gotta support my favs!! Thank you for your time!

  19. Hi, I was wondering if the bangs on Black Steel Rhinestone Entree can be pushed forward to suit a character like timeskip Hubert (Fire emblem three houses) or Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu)? Or are they only meant to be slicked back? Thank you!

  20. Hey! I was curious if you guys considered doing a both at Galaxy Con Richmond? They have a con February 28-March 1 and I would love to get to see yall in person I love the wigs yall sell. I think the con is still accepting booths.

  21. My friend (who knows nothing about wigs) asked me (the expert) to find and style a wig for her next cosplay for Christmas. I need a long, lavender or lilac wig that can be pulled into a low ponytail and (this part is the kicker) is also suitable for me to style poofy bangs and a giant cowlick. Do you have any suggestions? I’m not afraid of heavily modifying a wig by cutting and styling with heat, but my sewing skills are… not the greatest.

  22. I am looking for a wig to cosplay as Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and I was hoping you could direct me towards a few good options. Please?

    (I bought a wig for a Marty McFly cosplay from this site a few years ago and it was awesome. People thought it was my real hair and everything. I was a bit overwhelmed shopping on this site, but when I asked for recommendations you suggested a few and I picked one out of the couple of options given. I’m sure these requests make more work for someone, but it is SUCH a big help.)

  23. Hi there! I was wondering when there would be a restock on the “Rosen Crown Stairs Forever” wig? It’s my favorite wig you guys have and I really need a few more pairs for myself and a few friends soon!

  24. Hello! I was wondering when your Outrageous Boots Rawk Kiss wig would be back in stock? Any chance that would be soon enough to have it delivered to a US location before November?

  25. Hi!! I was just wondering if the Alternate Spider Shoe Pointe wig will be back in stock soon, and/or if you’re bringing it to Anime Weekend Atlanta this October?

    1. Yes, we’re expecting it back soon, probably within two weeks. We will also be bringing it to AWA, if it is in stock at the time. We also can set aside wigs for people to pick up at shows, so let us know if you want to do that. 🙂

      1. Yes, that’s perfect! If they’re in stock by AWA I would love if you coukd set one aside for me. Do I need to email you with an official request and my information, or is this enough? Thank you!

  26. Hey I was looking to buy your Komaeda Nagito wig ( “Super High School Lucky Guy” ) but it seems to be out of stock. Will you be restocking this wig? Or are you planning to discontinue it?

  27. I’m gonna be doing a cosplay of Deflated/Injured/whatever he’s called All Might where his hairs spiky in the back and has 2 long bangs in the front which wig do you suggest? I’d kind of like Lace front but I’ve never used them before

  28. I bought three different wigs, and I am so impressed with all of them. Particularly, I’m incredibly blown away with A Certain Angle of Light. I have hair that goes down to the small of my back, and the wig was able to hide everything!! I seriously can’t believe it! Just wanted to say thanks!

  29. Hello, I have sent an email to you all regarding this. I need to change the billing/shipping address on an order that is currently processing.

  30. Hi! Last thursday I ordered the saber wig and chose the priority mail method. When I track the order, it’s still in the “label created, not yet in system” state. It’s been 3 days since it was shipped, and I need it to arrive to destination before July 7th because a friend of mine from the US Is coming to my country and they could bring it to me. The order is #21146, could you please check it out? Thanks!

      1. Hello! I asked on Twitter but I thought I should ask on here too, is it possible to see some stock photos of the Machiavellian Apple Schemer wig please? Because the website shows the wig styled for light and other male characters but I would be looking to purchase it for haruhi (ohshc) so I’m worried it would be a little short as I can’t tell from the photos if it is the overall style I’m going for?

        1. Hi there! The website photos are fresh out of the bag and onto the head; the only styling on them is with fingers in front of the mirror in under five minutes 😀 The last photo, in the glasses, was loosely styled to look like Haruhi and this is the closest wig we have for her!

  31. Hi! Do you happen to know when the “Beautiful Justice Noir Chan” wig will be back in stock? I see below that it’s supposed to restock some time in July, so do you think I will be able to get it before the con I’m going to on July 26? Thanks!

  32. Hello, i was wondering if you will be restocking the “Beloved world domination chan” wig anytime soon. I would like it for a con I am going to on July the 13th, it looks really cool 🙂

    1. Yes, we’re expecting that wig back in stock within the next two weeks, so definitely in time for your con. If you’re on our email newsletter you’ll get a notification right away when it comes back!

  33. Hi! I came by your booth at ACEN and spoke with one of the workers there about finding a wig for Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter) I did like the color and style of the Perfect Pink Power Player wig, but the hair fibers were too short. The worker I spoke to mentioned that I can contact you guys to order a custom wig. How do I go about that process? Would it be possible to customize the Perfect Pink wig with just making the hair longer? Thanks!~

  34. Hello! Would you happen to know when ‘Super Ultimate Despair High’ might be back in stock with both parts of the wig?
    Thank you!

  35. hi!! when do you think the super high school lucky guy wig will be back in stock?? i’m looking to cosplay nagito komaeda in time for galaxycon, which is may 31-june 2, and i’ve primarily been recommended this wig for him

    1. We’re expecting that one back in June/July, so it might not restock in time for your convention. 🙁 I’m sorry! If you’re signed up for our newsletter, you’ll get an email when it restocks.

  36. Hello! I was wondering if you will be restocking “Beloved World Domination Chan”? I’ve been looking for a Kokichi wig and I love the colors of this one!

    1. It’ll be back in stock in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully it’ll be back before mid-May but we’re not sure of its exact return date yet. If you’re signed up for our newsletter, you’ll get an email when it restocks.

  37. Hello! Do you have a ballpark for when the Block King Explosion Murder wig be back in stock? I’ve had it recommended to me as one of the best options for a Bakugou cosplay and I’m starting to get con fever, so I want to feel like I’m making progress on my cosplay this month hahaha.

      1. are you going to be getting the scarlet witch type wigs back in stock soon? I remember you having one or two that were labeled that could work for her.

  38. Some of the BNHA wigs I’ve been looking for are out of stock whenever I check on them :'( how often do you restock?(sorry for the annoying question.)

    1. It’s alright. We’re waiting on a restock that’s due this month that should have most of the BNHA wigs currently out of stock in it. If you’re signed up for our newsletter, you’ll get an email when it restocks.

  39. Do you carry any wigs for the show Hunter x Hunter? I tried to search by series but didn’t see it. Specifically I’m looking for a wig for the character Hisoka

  40. Hi! I was hopping to get some advice on which wig to buy. I’m cosplaying Matt Holt from Voltron: Legendary Defenders, but I plan on doing the ponytail version. Which wig would you recommend for that?

  41. Hello, I wanted to make a return on a recent purchase. There is nothing wrong with the wig it is just a little too orange for what I’m going for.

    1. Okay! Sorry it didn’t work out. What you’ll want to do is put the wig back in its original envelope, reseal it, and write ‘return to sender’ on the outside. If you put it with your outgoing mail it should be mailed back to us at no cost to you. Once we’ve got it back we can refund the PayPal account you used to purchase it with the original cost of the wig.
      If you could also send an email to us mentioning which one you’re returning and your order number, that’ll make it easier to refund when it returns.

  42. Would you possibly consider doing wigs for characters from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? I’m sure I could find wigs on here for some of the characters, but I can’t find a good dupe for Souei without altering a longer wig. Let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson from past experience and will not be attempting that again any time soon… XD

  43. Hello!

    I have been all over the internet trying to find a perfect lace front wig for my Gavin Reed cosplay from Detroit Become Human. I was really impressed with the Robotics wig, but it is too dark for a Gavin cosplay. I saw your iron chef new recipe wig, and I’m not sure if it’s the right color because of the lighting, but if it’s to bright I could try to dye it I suppose. The other thing I’m wondering is would I be able to style the iron chef wig slicked back and short like the robotics wig? It’s an expensive wig and I want to be sure that’s it’s possible before I buy it.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, you can slick back Iron Chef New Recipe to be smoother using hair spray or glue. It is constructed very similarly to the Robotics wig but fluffier. The color is a pretty basic medium brown. People often use it for Ignus from Final Fantasy.

  44. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how long your Problematic Prince Lace Redux wig is. I need a wig of a specific length to style for one of my cosplays. Thank you!

    1. Yes, we’ll have it back before Katsucon! Probably late January or early February. If you want us to set one aside for you to pick up at the show, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll be sending out a newsletter as usual when our next restock happens!

  45. Hi, I bought a Half Cold, Half Hot wig. And I read in your FAQ that you ship out the next business day. I bought this with the priority shipping thinking it would be here in time for Ikkicon. Will it still be here? I will pay for overnight shipping if needed, I just really need this wig! It’s a cosplay emergency! Please respond soo. If you can!

  46. My name is Kat and I was the one at Youmacon on Saturday that was talking about looking for an Anders (from Dragon Age 2) wig. One of your sellers (I forgot your name- so sorry!) gave me a business card with the following written on it:

    ‘Ask for pics- Anders wig “mm what you say”.’

    I was wondering if I could see some pictures of the Anders wig?

    I sent an email right after Youmacon was done, but I never recieved a reply, so I thought messaging here would be good. Thank you! c:

  47. Is there a wig that would work for Susie’s Dark World outfit from the new game Deltarune? I do wish I could attach a photo to make it easier.

  48. Hi!
    I was wondering when you are restocking the Cinnamon Roll Plus Ultra! I’m going to Anime NYC and I’m thinking that I want to style a darker wig for my Deku 😀


  49. Hi there,

    I recently placed an order and haven’t heard anything in regards to it being processed or shipped. Is there a better estimate on how long the wigs take to process and ship? I’ve also sent an email on this matter, but haven’t heard anything back through that line of contact. Is there another way to get into contact with someone about this order? I placed it nearly two weeks ago and I was planning on taking these wigs with me to a convention in a little less than three weeks so I need to know whether or not I will have them in my possession or not. 🙂 Thanks in advance,


  50. I’m looking for a long ((past shoulders atleast if not most of the way down the back)) possibly curly/wavy but can be straight light brown wig ((I’d be willing to try dying it if you had what I was looking for in a pale blonde or white)) parted to the side ((I could probably work with a middle part though)) that I can do a loose braid on for a cosplay of the One True Morty also known as Mouse from The Citadel of Lost Children by Futagogo I’ve got a year and a half to find one cause I’m trying to possibly grow my hair out instead but when I measured my head it’s 24” around
    Please help?

  51. How do I change the shipping address on an order I already placed? Because I realized I made a mistake on my shipping address and put an entirely different address.

  52. Hello,
    I am interested in making a purchase, but when I try to input my address for shipping, it says “There are no shipping methods available. Please be sure you are entering your address correctly.” I am unable to see how much shipping costs, and I am afraid that even if I must pay international shipping, my package may get lost.

    I live on Guam, which is a US territory in the Pacific. At times it is included in US, and sometimes it is marked as a country.
    I saw in the FAQ that there is shipping for Australia and other pacific countries. I just wanted to know if it would ship to Guam, and how much would it cost?

    I had also sent an email, but saw that many others got faster good responses here, so I tried to do both.

    Thank you for your help!

  53. Hi I was wondering when Cinnamon Roll Plus Ultra would be back in stock? I don’t need it until April but I’d love to know if it was being restocked anytime soon!

  54. Hi, I was wondering if you know when you’ll be restocking the ‘My Beloved Peasant Village’. I need it for a con towards the end of October and wanted to see if I’ll be able to snag it before then or if I’ll have to search for something similar elsewhere unfortunately.

    1. We’re expecting it back by early October. So you should (fingers crossed) be able to get it once it restocks. Make sure you’re on our email newsletter list, as it’s the first place we notify customers about restocks.

  55. I’m trying to place my order, but I keep getting a msg that my address is not correct and I can’t select a shipping method. I really want to place this soon so it will come in time for Youmacon.

  56. Hi there! I sent an email a few days ago about having trouble ordering and have yet to get a response. I entered my address correctly and I could not select a shipping method for some reason. Please get back to me!

  57. Hi! I am new to your site, and I was curious if adding a “save” feature would benefit your site? I can’t afford the wigs I want currently, and so I have like six wigs in my cart so I have quick access to the wigs. But I was thinking a “Save” or a “wishlist” option could be beneficial to those who are saving wigs aside while they are saving the money to buy said wigs. Thank you for reading my suggestion/question. Love y’all’s wigs and site, and as soon as I have the money saved, I will be buying like all those aforementioned wigs.
    Keep doing great things! -Paige

  58. Hi, i’m havig some trouble with shipping. I already sent an email but i didn’t get a respond yet so i wanted to let you guys know trough this medium. Should be an easy fix tough. W.k.r. Eline Claeys

  59. Hello,
    Since Shinso Hitoshi has made a recent appearance in the My Hero Academia manga, I wanted to finally cosplay him. I’ve looked through your store, and I do not think I can find a wig that would 100% work for him. I’m willing to do as much styling as it takes, but do you have any recommendations for at least the base wig?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  60. I just ordered one of your Grab Bags and loved what I got! It’s a long wig that’s similar to “Copper Condescending Cantripping Necromancer” but it has a slight wave and built-in hair vents on top of the bangs. (the tag says HMZ132-100CM M270) What surprised me the most about it was how it didn’t tangle at all and I could effortlessly run my fingers through it!

    It’s my first time owning one of your long wigs and was wondering if this is similar to how your other long wigs are, or if this was a test for possible new styles?

  61. Hello! My friends and I love your wigs so much. <3 Do you have anything that might work for the character Best Jeanist from My Hero Academia?

  62. Hey, I was just wondering when the Plumeria Pokemon wig will be restocked? I have a friend who is going to be making her own cosplay but she was going to order the wig from here. Thanks in advance!

    1. Sadly it’ll probably be a while- we ordered some for our last restock, but it came with only pink ponytails, and none of the blonde ones. 🙁 However, if your friend wanted, we could arrange something where they ordered a different $40 ponytail wig, and we could send that and the ponytails of a different blonde wig that has ponytails- What The- Holy Underpants’ ponytails, perhaps.

  63. Hello! I’ve been trying to purchase a wig from your site but it keeps popping up saying that they aren’t in stock when they are. Is there a way to fix this?

        1. In that case, what likely happened is that other customers who were checking out at the same time finished their orders of the last few available while yours was being processed. Sorry about that! We’re expecting a restock of it in July.

  64. Hi, I was just wondering when you’ll be getting your Krolia (Voltron) wig back in stock? I’m hoping to wear her in July and the wig you have is phenomenal!

  65. hi! when do you think you’ll have half cold half hot back in stock? i need him for a july con and im uber stressed i may not get him in time ;3;

  66. I will be attending Anime Central this weekend and was wondering if you would be bringing your Ruby Rose to the convention and if you were going be to selling wig caps there also?

  67. Hello! My friends and I love your wigs and we wanted to know if you would do a character wig for Kaito Momota from Danganronpa v3. I would love to find a high quality wig for him and I love all my purchases here so far.

  68. Hello! I emailed you about this but I thought I should post here as well, I ordered your lance wig and it shipped May 3rd everything was fine until May 6th when things started getting weird I checked the tracking number and it said my wig was scheduled to arrive Monday May 7th when it didn’t arrive the estimated arrival date disappeared the next day and it said my wig went to MA and now NJ I haven’t heard anything else besides “your package is in transit to the next facility” I don’t know why it went to MA and NJ but I don’t know if it’s stuck in a loop or if it’s being sent back to you? If you could do anything to help this at all that would be great! I don’t know if I should try contacting USPS or not

    1. This is an issue with USPS that has occasionally happened to other customers. We’re very sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it right now. If you haven’t gotten it by two weeks after it was sent out (next Thursday) we will reship it for you.

  69. We ordered a wig that was supposed to deliver to us on Thursday 4/26….tracking shows it returning to you. We really need the wig by Wednesday/ Thursday this week. Can you please contact us? My daughter is going to a con and would be devastated if this doesn’t show up in time.

    1. Contacted you via email as well. It looks like your package has gotten caught in a post office loop. This has to do with their automatic sorting machines reading the return address instead of your shipping address. We’re sorry this happened to your wig! What we can do is re-ship your order today, Monday the 30th. Hopefully it will get to you by Thursday. If both packages end up arriving please return the second one to sender.

  70. Hello! I was wondering if you guys were planning on making a wig for Prince Lotor from Voltron LD. I’m looking to cosplay him next year and I cannot find a suitable wig anywhere. I know you guys do fantastic work on your wigs so I just thought I’d ask. Thank you so much for all you do! (Ps- whoever names the wigs is a genius. Comedy gold.)

  71. hello ! A few months ago you guys had the PERFECT wig for Nia Teppelin. I’ve seen that wig pop on and off the site a few times and right now she is nowhere to be found. Is she coming back or have you discontinued that particular style for good ?

  72. So. I recently E-mailed you about a slight mistake when I messed up the email. So I was wondering, will the package still get sent if the email is slightly off? Because my order says complete and I definitely don’t have my wig. And I wasn’t sure if it meant that the order was finished or if it was completed and ready for shipment. Thanks!

    1. I emailed you back just now! Yes, your wig was shipped on the 8th but the tracking email went to the wrong address. You should have the tracking number now. “Complete” on the website means we have completed and shipped it, so it is on its way to you!

    1. All our long wigs are $40, so in the case of this wig when you buy the whole set you’re basically getting four buns for free. If you don’t want them you can buy the set and just leave a comment in the “customer provided note” section saying to not send the buns, though.

  73. Hi! So, i bought your “Super high school lucky guy” wig, around the 4th of Jan (01/04/2018). You sent me a message that the wig was shipped on the 8th of January (01/08/2018), but still up to today (02/20/2018, after more than a month) the wig hasn’t arrived! Was it returned to sender without me knowing? Or could you send me any information that could help me track it ? (I know the packege hasn’t a tracking number)
    The shipping address is in Italy, and on your Faq page it’s stated “When using First Class Package Service International shipping, most of our customers in the United Kingdom, western Europe, and Australia have received their order in around 2 weeks.” (if you consider Italy “western Europe”).
    I’m quite disappointed cause i saw amazing good reviews on many sites, and your wig was the perfect one…
    Thanks in regard for your help!

  74. My friend is going to Katsucon, and I was wondering if there was a way for me to order a wig and she can pick it up there, rather than having to deal with shipping?

  75. I see your post may be delayed due to your move (congratulations!). Is there a chance of getting your RWBY Neo wig to Kansas City, MO by Feb. 10th? *crosses fingers*
    Thank you!

  76. Hey, I ordered the “Tag Mutant Sugah Slam” wig and was super excited. It says “copper” on the listing, but the wig I got is dark brown with barely any red in it at all and doesn’t look like the picture. Did this wig change somehow? Is there some way I can exchange it for the wig pictured on the listing? I really wanted the copper wig from the listing.

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I think I am going to add some highlights and it should work better with the colors I am working with. At first I was just concerned it was darker than I anticipated, but it’s a great wig, and I love the quality. Thank you.

  77. Hi! I was wondering if you had a good wig for Daryl Dixon? I was planning on ordering Erebor Archer Elf Fancier, but I can’t seem to find it anymore, is there a different one that would work?

  78. Hi, I just ordered Psychic Maiden Fire Shrine to use for my upcoming Yuri DDLC cosplay, and of course i looked at the pictures only instead of the text description. I was looking at it again today and noticed that it says its a violet color (good) so dark, its almost black (bad). i was wondering if the picture for it show its true color, or is it going to be way darker than i expect? and if it is too dark, would i be able to send it back and possibly exchange it for Trusty Sword Zombie Hunter (just the base) since they are the same price?

  79. Hi there! I’m considering cosplaying Jibril from No Game No Life and was wondering which wig you would recommend? I think Queen of the Desu is closest in colour and length.

          1. Early in December, so there is hope for you to get it by your event. Are you on our mailing list? (You can sign up on our main page if you’re not yet.) We send out email notifications each time we get a major restock.

  80. I’d love to order one of your wigs, but I’m just short of not being able to have a PayPal account.
    Is there any other method I can use to pay with?

    1. When you go to the PayPal checkout, there should be an option for pay with credit card. That does not actually require you to have a PayPal account. (Under that pay with credit card, you can also use a debit card or prepaid card to checkout.)

  81. Hello! Just a question, but when will the “Handsome Quiznak Stellar Stache” wig be in restock? And is it possible to purchase it without the mustache? Thanks in advance~

  82. Hi,
    I was wondering when the idealist spin kick athlete and death by smoking butterfly wigs were gonna be restocked and if id be able to get them before halloween?

  83. Hello! I was wondering when your Sweet Skitter Bug Giggle wig would be back in stock? I know the typical times are 6-8 weeks, but I’m not exactly sure when it went out of stock, and it’s semi-urgent.

    1. That was just the email to confirm the order went through- the confirmation email proper, with its tracking number, is sent after the order gets shipped out. That happens on the business day after it shipped, so it’ll be mailed out today and you’ll get the tracking number tomorrow.

  84. hi, so recently the “i’ll form the head” was restocked but i didn’t notice until after a day had passed and its apparently already out of stock 🙁 will i be able to purchase one anytime soon? i need to get one before november

  85. Hello I’m sorry to ask but would you have any wigs that I could use for Pidge Gunderson/ Katie Holt from Voltron : Legendary Defender. I don’t wish to be a bother, and if you don’t have any that may work I understand but I would like to ask.

  86. Hello!
    Is there an estimate for when the “Idealist Athlete Spin Kick” wig is restocked? I could need it for an upcoming con and would be happy to know.
    Thanks in advance!

  87. I’m looking for a wig for Joshua Kiryu from the world ends with you, between https://www.thefivewitswigs.com/shop/wigs/killer-rabbit-paternal-issues/ and https://www.thefivewitswigs.com/shop/wigs/ice-rod-millennium-motorcycle/ which one would you guys recommend?

    His hair is that annoying point between grey, blonde, brown, and green, so I wanted to know (since you guys know how they look irl), which one you think looks closest to his hair color in Dream Drop Distance (thanks 3D models~)

    Thank you!

  88. Is there an estimate for how long until your “I’ll Form The Head” wig is restocked? I need it for an upcoming con and was wondering how many more weeks until it’s back

  89. Does your wig “Kindly Orca Goldfish Friend” have the styling option for front bangs, or are they forced to have a side part as pictured? It is the only wig that I can find with this particular color, but I’m really hoping it has styling flexibility with the bangs!

  90. Hey do you have a rough estimate for when buddy bot whatever perf will be back in stock? Me and my friends plan on doing a voltron cosplay for MCM Birmingham which is late november.

    Thank you very much

    1. It’ll be restocked in the next two weeks. If you want to know when it’s back, sign up for our newsletter. There’s a signup form up on the right side of this page, and you’ll get an email when it returns.

  91. I was wondering how heat resistant these wigs are. In particular, your Jean wig. I need to straighten it and was just wondering what you recommended for the highest temp it could withstand. Thank you.

      1. Do you have an idea of if it’s going to be late in August or pretty soon? I’m trying to decided if I need to order a different wig to wear for the last week of August?

  92. Hello! So I have some concerns with my purchase and it’s tracking. So it said it shipped out on the 15th and was estimated to arrive on the 17th. But then the tracking information has not been updated and I don’t believe that shipping from Oklahoma to Idaho should take this long. I’m sorry If I seem Impatient, I’m just afraid my item has been lost or stolen.

  93. Hello, I was wondering how many inches does the Double Cross Skull Trouble wig stretch across the head? The reason I ask is because I have a 24 inch head and I was wondering if this wig would fit a person who has my head size.

  94. I was just wondering if you had an estimated date for when your Athletic idealist wig would be in stock? I know it’s very popular!

      1. Do you think it would be early July or towards the end? I know you probably don’t know for sure, I just was hoping to get this before the 28 for a con. Thanks for replying so quickly!

  95. I ordered some bang extensions very late Saturday night and my order is still in the “On Hold” status. I was wondering how many days your order stays in the “On Hold” status?

      1. If the echeck goes through on Thursday would the order be shipped on the same day when the payment was received, I.e Thursday?
        Or would the order be shipped the day after the echeck went through, I.e Friday, June 23rd?
        Thank you in advance

  96. Would it be possible to buy just the base wig if it’s sold with a ponytail?
    I had to cut my Strategic Star Crack Shot’s base for another cosplay but still have the ponytail in working condition. Could I order one without the ponytail attachment, and if so would that affect the price?
    Thanks in advance!

  97. Hi, can I request that you send an e-mail the next time the I’ll Form The Head wig comes in stock? It sold out while it was in my cart. 🙁 And do you have any way of gauging when it might come in stock next?

  98. Hello, I know you’re not stylists but I was hoping for some advice anyways if I can. I’m doing Aristocrat Vayne http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/skin/vayne-aristocratic-480 and am uncertain about her braid. Your ‘born to make history’ wig looks like it could work well but I’m worried that braiding it might leave the back exposed. At the same time your braided accessories look a little thinner than I might prefer for it being a single back braid. I was just wondering what you would suggest ultimately in the situation: braiding the long one or doing a Bob with the thinner accessory. Thank you for your time and I apologize if it’s a silly question, I just know so little about wigs and I’ve always gotten such good advice from your vendors at conventions ^-^.

      1. Hi. I also want the “I’ll form the head” wig! I’ve been trying to get on to check on the status and it keeps sending me back to a page that “needs a password.” Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong, please? I do have an account.

        Thank you!!

  99. Hi! I emailed about the Death by Smoking Butterfly wig for a Keith cosplay last month, but it’s still not back in stock….
    Will it be back in stock soon? I would like to have it shipped/here by the end of June before I fly off to attend AX…….

              1. I’ve been planning to cosplay Shiro but, usually when I check this cite the Shiro wigs are out of stock. By any chance, can you inform me when the next restocking will be for this product? Thanks.

  100. I just wanted to say you guys are amazing! I had to throw to get a last minute character 2 weeks be for a con and wasn’t sure if I could get a wig in time. Ordered it Monday, got it Thursday! Still a full week to finish everything! Thank you so much!

  101. I need the Shiro wig before June 30th, do you know if it will be back in stock any time soon? And how can i be notified right away?

      1. oh jeez thank you so much, i’m kinda scared tho! i counted and so far that’s 13 ppl altogether ^^”” how many wigs do u usually have available in stock at a time?

  102. Is there any way the Super High School Lucky Guy wig can be restocked earlier than the 6-8 weeks? Im going to Anime Midwest this year (July 7-9) and planned to do Komaeda for a panel. The wig would be restocked a while after the con’s ended or it wouldn’t arrive in time, so that’s why I ask. If it can’t, that’s alright. I can try to do someone else for it.

  103. Hello! I have a question – will the Komaeda “Super High School Level Lucky Guy” wig be in stock before Anime Expo? (July 1~4th) At the most, as it said on the FAQ page, it would take about 8 weeks – that’s July 7th, far after Anime Expo has ended. If it won’t come back in time, it’s quite alright! Thank you in advance for your answer.

  104. Hello! I was wondering when the “Buddy Bot Whatever Perf” wig would be back in stock? And if it won’t be before AnimeNEXT, would I be able to buy it at the con so that I can finish my cosplay via con crunch?

  105. The PayPal system was not working for me. Saying that the system was not working and I really need to get this wig soon. Do you know why this problem is coming up or a way to resolve it? Thank you!

  106. Hello, I am interested in purchasing the Shiro from Voltron wig. I just curious when it might be back in stock? If at all possible I’d love it before end of July. If not thanks for taking the time to review my comment.

  107. Will you be having you bang clips for sale when you go to Anime Central? Also, how many of the wigs you sell do you bring (I was looking to buy a few in person) and was just wanting to know if they would be there?

  108. I was wondering if you guys could start making wigs for The Walking Dead. I know this is an unprofessional way to ask but some friends and I want to cosplay as Negan, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon and another may want to if they could be Rick Grimes. If you do make them and we don’t end up buying them because we’re little angsty teenagers that still lives with their parents, I think other people would like it because of this website’s good pricing and shipping cost!

  109. Hi!
    I was wondering when your “I’ll form the head” Shiro wig will be in stock again, I’m going to need one for a con in mid June.

    1. I don’t have any additional pictures right now but I can try to take some next week. It’s a little lighter and pinker in person than it shows up on my monitor in those photos, but I know everyone’s monitor is different.

  110. Hello, I’m going to Acen and I am planning on making a Shiro cosplay for it. Could be put on the list for notification when the Shiro wig comes back in stock? Do you think it will be restocked before Acen?

  111. Hello! I plan on doing a Voltron group cosplay with my friends where I’ll be shiro; I saw a few comments saying about a notification/waiting list and I was wondering if I could please be put on it or given a rough estimate of when it’s back in stock. Thank you.

  112. Hi! Could you guys please put me on the list for when you get your shiro wig back in Stock? ( i was on the list for last time but i wasn’t quick enough, oops oh well) thanks

  113. Hello, I love your wigs so much and i was wondering if you guys would ever make wigs like Undertale Frisk or Undertale Chara. If not then I will ust buy a similar color under your wigs and…*gasp* have to cut it D: also does anyone know good wig dyes that work well with these wigs?

  114. Hey!! I was hoping to use the clip on ponytail that you can buy with Unlikely Giant Love Interest as part of a different cosplay and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any shorter wigs you make that match the colour of the ponytail clip? Something similar to the style of Chiseled Letter Moose Woobie would be perfect (I can’t tell if it’s the right colour from the pictures on your site)
    Thank you!!

  115. hello, I was wondering if you could notify me when the I’ll form the head wig restocks.
    I would also like to know what the price of shipping to the uk would be for said wig.

  116. Hi I noticed that the Odango Justice Moon Princess wig is running low in stock. I plan on buying in a few months and was wondering if you do run out of stock by then, would it take ~6-8 weeks for you to restock?

  117. Hello!
    I was wondering when your finest of the flavors wig would be back in stock? I am looking to get it for a convention in June and would love to purchase your item as soon as possible. Please let me know!

    1. Yep, we’re expecting it back this month! Its cap is the same size as our other wigs, tested on a 23″ around head. Our wigs can be dyed with dyes made especially for wigs, or with dyes rendered down from sharpies.

  118. Is it possible to get added to the list for being noticed when the Shiro wig arrives back in?

    Also I was curious if you had a time frame for when the Idealist Athlete Spin Kick will be back in?

  119. Hi. I was wondering when the “Death by Smoking Butterfly” wig will be back in stock? It is the last thing I need to get for my Keith cosplay. Would you please let me know when it comes back in stock?

  120. Hello there! I’m working on a Neopolitan cosplay from RWBY and I came across your wigs for her and was stunned by the quality and accuracy of them! But I was sad to see that the wigs were out of stock and the reviews on them aren’t so recent…
    So I was curious- is there any chance the Neopolitan wigs might come back into stock? I don’t know if you will still do them or if they’re out of commission, but it would be amazing if that is a possibility and if there’s a list for the wigs I could be added to it! I have a convention coming up soon that I’m hoping to finish her for so if it can be done I’d love to be notified as soon as possible! ♥
    Stay warm! -Bunny

  121. I was wondering when you guys will get the Edward Elric wig back in stock? I’m hoping to get it for a convention in March, I know I’m kind of planning last minute.

      1. Thank you so much! Would there be any way that I could be contacted if the wig doesn’t sell at Katsucon? I totally understand if not, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

  122. I do not know exactly when, but I can reply back to this comment in May when the second batch comes in to let you know it’s restocked. (The April order mentioned further down this page has already filled up on people who want to be told when it’s back, so I am now adding people to the list for the May restock.)

  123. Hey! I had a couple of questions about your wigs, two in particular: prima tiger skater boi and unending curls of love. What are the circumference of the wigs/can they be adjusted? What type of caps are they, cap less/partial/lace front? And what material are they made out of? Thanks!

  124. Hello! I have a code that I got as an award for winning a cosplay contest a few conventions ago. (Tokyo In Tulsa) I tried entering it in the coupons box in my cart, but it didn’t work. Is there a special place I should enter this code?

  125. hey, i’d really love to use a wig in the shade of rustling wind snail scars and cash money finance prince for rantarou amami from dangan ronpa version 3– the only problem is his hair’s a little bit longer in the front… i think cash money finance prince is layered enough on top for the ahoges, but is there any way i can get wefts or something in the same color to add into the front?

  126. Which wig would you recommend for ‘Kaworu Nagisa’ from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”?
    The “Rolling Ratchet Science Reform” wig seems to match.
    What do you think?

  127. Would the Midnight Loli Ruffle Encounter base wig work for Raven from Teen Titans? I’m just not sure because I can’t see the back of the wig. If it would, will you be able to hold one for me at izumicon this weekend? I’d like to be able to wear her this Sunday and as such I’m hoping to buy the wig from you on Friday.

      1. I will need this wig by the end of June. Not trying to rush, if you can’t get a sample, I would like some advice on how I could style a certain wig of yours.

  128. Alot of Yuri on ice cosplayers are excited by your wigs. However one asked me why yukio prima isn’t blonde, character is full blonde. Sure photo mistake

  129. I’ll Form The Head is back in stock! Please do hurry- last time we had it in stock it was sold out within a few hours! We can’t guarantee anyone a wig, so secure your order as soon as you can.
    After this batch is sold, our next shipment won’t be available until February. If you aren’t able to grab one this time around, just reply back to this asking to be put back on the list to be alerted next time.

  130. I’ll Form The Head is back in stock! Please do hurry- last time we had it in stock it was sold out within a few hours! We can’t guarantee anyone a wig, so secure your order as soon as you can.
    After this batch is sold, our next shipment won’t be available until February. If you aren’t able to grab one this time around, just reply back to this asking to be put back on the list to be alerted next time.

  131. I’ll Form The Head is back in stock! Please do hurry- last time we had it in stock it was sold out within a few hours! We can’t guarantee anyone a wig, so secure your order as soon as you can.
    After this batch is sold, our next shipment won’t be available until February. If you aren’t able to grab one this time around, just reply back to this asking to be put back on the list to be alerted next time.

  132. I’ll Form The Head is back in stock! Please do hurry- last time we had it in stock it was sold out within a few hours! We can’t guarantee anyone a wig, so secure your order as soon as you can.
    After this batch is sold, our next shipment won’t be available until February. If you aren’t able to grab one this time around, just reply back to this asking to be put back on the list to be alerted next time.

    1. Hello. I was wondering if you could let me know next time the “I’ll Form The Head” wig is back in stock? Your wig looks absolutely amazing and I don’t want to miss out on getting it next time (seeing as it’s so popular). Thank you. Have a great day!

  133. Hiya! I’m gonna be cosplaying Loki from the Agent of Asgard comics, and I was wondering which wig you would recommend? Currently I’m thinking Death by Smoking Butterfly would be best, but I would love a second opinion if you have time!


  134. Hello, I’m really interested in Zippy Gosh Apple Suspenders wig, but is there any way possible I could just get ONE LONG ponytail with the base? I really don’t see any use for a second one and the poof isn’t long enough for my needs.

    1. I’ll Form The Head is back in stock! Please do hurry- last time we had it in stock it was sold out within a few hours! We can’t guarantee anyone a wig, so secure your order as soon as you can.
      After this batch is sold, our next shipment won’t be available until February. If you aren’t able to grab one this time around, just reply back to this asking to be put back on the list to be alerted next time.

  135. Hi, I put in my wig order about a week ago, and there hasn’t been any shipping confirmation yet. Is there a reason for the delay? Or will it be able to be shipped on the 14th? Thanks!