Moon Transformation Catgirl

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This curly black cosplay wig is extremely long (30″ (76 cm) long) and has shaggy bangs, and comes with four clip-on black buns. It is a good wig for human Luna and Nehelenia from Sailor Moon and Aradia Megido or Feferi Peixes from Homestuck when worn without the buns.

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1 review for Moon Transformation Catgirl

  1. Hanna

    I had purchased this back in March for a Feferi Peixes cosplay and it worked great! It is extremely long and has a realistic feel to it. Obviously since it is as long as it is, it tangled a in the area behind the neck and back and takes time to brush out. I had pinned the bangs slightly back to add a more beach-y, swept look and it got me a lot of compliments at the convention! If you are planning on using this for a horned character or troll, you’re going to have to cut holes in the top, but be careful because the way the top is styled with lots of hair, it’s a bit difficult!

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