Fierce Fabulous Frozen Fractals

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This long white-blonde wig is swept back from the face and already braided, making it perfect for Elsa. If you styled the bangs downward, it could work for Nashetania from Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. It’s 31″ (78 cm) long.

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Weight 0.93 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 in

3 reviews for Fierce Fabulous Frozen Fractals

  1. GatsbyGirl

    This wig didn’t disappoint. There were and are a few difficulties – the wig can feel quite small on my head (though that may just be because I have long hair), and there is an oddly shaped hairline. But I found the hairline to sit much more naturally than it looks in the pictures, and styling the wig was a breeze. It’s wonderfully malleable, a beautiful color and thickness, arrived very quickly in the mail (specifically two days after I ordered it,) and is much cheaper than the arda that most Elsa cosplayers go for. If anyone is cosplaying Elsa on a tighter budget, I highly encourage them to try out this wig!

  2. Chibi Kitsune

    I love this wig. The peak shape is perfect, the color is perfect, the fullness is perfect. It’s a great alternative to the super expensive lace front from arda that I got originally and had to add more wefts to after.

  3. Kate (verified owner)

    The wig does not look natural at the front and it is really difficult to get pins through to attach it. The colour is perfect though. Also, it is nowhere near as long as depicted in the photographs here.

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