Final Fist Perfect Hair

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This 26″ (66 cm) long brown wig has long bangs around the face and works great for Tifa Lockhart and Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy.

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3 reviews for Final Fist Perfect Hair

  1. acebubbletea (verified owner)

    I have used this wig for Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) and thought it was a decent wig! It’s not quite long enough for you to do that weird fishtail thing she has though. The wig does look like human hair as the other reviewers have said. However, it did tend to frizz a bit and I haven’t really been able to get most of the frizzes out.

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    This is a nice wig. I also think this looks very close to human hair. This color is pretty dark, it’s almost as dark as my naturally black hair. It reminded me of when I had long hair a few months ago!

  3. evelondarmail

    This is a wonderful wig. It looks a lot like human hair. It holds up well on camera. It styles well and holds braids and messy buns well. It can be styled for a man to wear in a gothic look, a cool punk amy lee/ evanescence look, or a natural hair style. It is slightly tangly and a little bit thin, but is altogether very good. I purchased this at Gen Con 2013 and it has held up to many wears since then. A very good wig. One of my favorites.

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