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This lovely multi-colored wig works well for Neopolitan from RWBY. It features three colors, chocolate brown with a dusty rose color topped with a small section of silvery white. Whether you’re a fan of Neopolitan from RWBY or of the ice cream, you’re sure to love this wig!

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2 reviews for Finest Of The Flavors

  1. Kiera

    I bought my Neo wig at an anime convention a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier! The colors are very show accurate, right down to the touches of white in Neo’s hair. The wig itself isn’t super shiny which is great, is a very nice length, and the curls are holding up extremely well. It’s also very comfortable and I’ve worn it for multiple hours at a time with no problems at all ^-^ . This is by far the best wig that I’ve seen for my favorite evil little ice-cream cone, and I would definitely reccomend it to any of my friends!

  2. Rose (verified owner)

    Bought this to replace the Neo wig I’d done myself with a pink wig and ink. Very happy with it. The white streak is in the middle of the pink rather than between the 2 colors. The fibers feel pretty soft and it’s not hyper shiny which is great. Also, I have a pretty big head and this wig fits me very comfortably.

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