Martial Might Death Stockings

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This long (38″ (96 cm)) very dark blue wig works well for Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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2 reviews for Martial Might Death Stockings

  1. TheAlchemicFox

    I bought this wig for Hinata Hyuuga and absolutely adore it. TheFiveWits wigs never tangled as badly as other brands, so they’re one of my first stops for longer wigs. This was the perfect balance between black and blue for me. It’s a dark blue fiber that looks black in certain lighting, which I prefer to a black/blue mix that can look odd in photos. I didn’t have any issues with the weight, but I did trim the length a bit.

  2. drawntosleep (verified owner)

    So I own both this and Pretty Deadly Death Glare for cosplaying as Kanda from D.Gray-Man, as well as That Traditional Samurai Special when it was released (he’s great with either dark blue or black hair!). Ponytail styles aside, this is about your average long wig. Well-wefted, nice length, potential tangles galore, somewhat heavy. Had to sew in a few extra wig combs to keep it from slipping. But otherwise, quite worth the trouble. Especially for the color. It’s not a blue-black blend, just a nice slightly muted blue hue that can sometimes border on black depending on lighting, as the pictures show. It’s held up well the past 2 years, but would definitely repurchase in a heartbeat if ever necessary.

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