Rosen Crown Stairs Forever

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This beautiful long pink wig works especially well for Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Fluttershy from My Little Pony, Nono from Diebusterand, and Megarine Luka from Vocaloid. It is made from a slippery fiber so that it will be easier to detangle should it become tangled.

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Weight .80 lbs

3 reviews for Rosen Crown Stairs Forever

  1. kb231.stu (verified owner)

    Used this wig for a Pinky Pie cosplay and was so fun! Did get tangled at the ends but after 8 hours of con that was to be expected. Easy to detangle and ready to go for the next con. Definitely recommend having clips sewed in for the weight of it!

  2. Mary

    Love this wig!!! It really made my megurine luka cosplay come together. Love ur work this is the ONLY wig company i use. Yay brand loyality!!!

  3. Opeium

    Super easy to detangle!! It used to be my wear for meh occasions such as raves where it would get messed up but recently I sat down to detangle it for a serious cosplay and all the knots came out like butter!! It looks like new. (Pretty sure I bought the older version but it’s practically the same)

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