High Kick Heel Crush

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This pale platinum blonde wig has lots of options and doesn’t afraid of anything. The base wig on its own is cute and light and flippy, and can be paired with one or two loooong curly tails. Like the tails, but not the flippy back? No worries, the base for Hammer Time Puddin’ Squeeze is a color match! Go ahead and mix and match these heat resistant and super stylable pieces to make the perfect wig for you.

This wig has been reviewed by Yumi Neneko!

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Weight 0.90 lbs

Base wig only

1 review for High Kick Heel Crush

  1. Yumineneko

    Such an adorable wig! The ponytails are very thick and so soft, and the curls retain their shape so well! I’m not sure which character this wig is for, but it would work so well for Lolita! The base wig is fluffy in the back, with two longer pieces in the front to frame your face. You do have to cut the bangs but it is not hard at all. ^^

    Highly recommend! <3

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