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There’s always one wig that exemplifies the best of us, the true artistry we try to achieve, and the pinnacle of what is possible in cosplay today. Here it is, that once in a lifetime wig, that handsome specimen that we can but stand in awe of. You’ve waited, you’ve dreamed, and here it is at last. The greatest of all our Voltron and Thornberry achievements, this heat stylable wig is already perfect in every way, and is the first and likely last Five Wits wig to come with a mustache. We did this for you. We did this for everyone. We did this for the universe itself. You are welcome, universe. You are welcome.

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2 reviews for Handsome Quiznak Stellar Stashe

  1. kaijubee (verified owner)

    The softest wig EVER! So thick too. Best wig I’ve ever worn in my 6+ years of cosplaying. Had the slightest trouble styling the mustache so it would stay out of my mouth. But other than I absolutely enjoyed being called “coran coran the gorgeous man!” The entire con. Highly recommended!

  2. redbirdwaters (verified owner)

    Amazing wig!!! Such good quality, and oh my gosh it’s super soft! Had some issues styling the moustache but it is a really good purchase if you are looking to do Coran! It is really lightweight and nicely styled just coming out of the packaging, definitely recommend.

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