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This very short tricolor wig has a close-cropped gray base, a top layer of black, and a front lock of white; all of which makes it great for Shiro from Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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24 reviews for I’ll Form The Head

  1. becca.riches (verified owner)

    Beautiful wig, definitely worth the money. Didn’t need much styling and felt comfortable all day long at con.

  2. Sarahpingi (verified owner)

    I love this wig! It needed a little bit of styling and cutting ( like most wigs) but overall it’s really nice and comfy, especially if you don’t want to build one together yourself.

  3. dpeet121

    Best money ever spent. I bought it at AnimeNYC in 2018 and I wore it the next day. I love the fact that it was super easy to style. It did need a little trimming, but it looked amazing.

  4. Ragingfaun (verified owner)

    The first wig i bought from here, and the source of my addiction to these wonderful wigs! It didn’t need any additional styling and looked fantastic!

  5. rachelknaub (verified owner)

    My first and one of my favourite wigs! Honestly not changing my Shiro wig for any other company. It’s amazing easy to work with and ups my Shiro cosplay 1000% if you want picture proof my cosplay Instagram is @amias_cos and let me tell you it photographs really well!

  6. rachelknaub (verified owner)

    Honestly this was my first wig and one of my favourites. I adore it so much it is so well made and the company is so nice definitely want to order more of your wigs for my cosplays!

  7. kiullerwhale (verified owner)

    All the reviews for this wig were super positive and it makes me feel like I got a defected wig. After several attempts at styling it, backcombing, hairspraying, the white tuft at the front only seemed to get flatter and messier. The tuft was also off-centre to begin with and very sparse. The way I described this wig to my friends is that it looks more like Rock Lee from Naruto that anything like Shiro from Voltron. Didn’t ever get a chance to wear this any cons because it just did not work.

    • The Five Wits

      It does sound like you got a defective wig! 🙁 We’re so sorry. Send us an email to let us know what address to mail to, and we can mail you a free replacement that hopefully serves you much better.

  8. goth.cosplayer

    Definitely the best wig I’ve ever owned. It is so easy to style and it is very adjustable. Needed very minor cutting as well. The hairs are very soft. I love how the floof (white) is all in one spot. Will definitely recommend to friends.

  9. Lance4Real

    My sister just purchased the wig-
    And I have to tell you it’s absolutely ASTOUNDING!

    The ‘floof’ comes long so you can adjust the size- but I like the length as is, It works!

    Other than that, no styling required! It came perfect! AMAZING GUYS!

  10. Raegan Weber (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this wig. I bought it for my Shiro cosplay and even recommended it to a friend of mine, who lives it as well. It’s exactly as shown in the pictures and is extremely easy to style.

  11. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I love this wig. I got it for London MCM May Comic Con. It arrived very quickly and it looks and felt really nice. Normally in hot weather I would become uncomfortable in a wig but it sat really nice on my head and I basically forgot about it all day,

  12. annagardiner49 (verified owner)

    Got this as a present from my mother, it was absolutely perfect. I was terrified at first because I have waist length hair that I can’t always fit in shorter wigs like this but I can somehow fit all my hair into this wig without it leaving a noticeable lump which is great.
    The fibres feel great and are to an excellent quality, feeling soft. The sideburns are an excellent addition, they help me hide side hairs escaping from the wig. The bangs are slightly long but I do have a small head, it can be cut but I find that just brushing them to the side slightly works too.
    Overall it’s a great wig to use for Shiro

  13. mdavii1516 (verified owner)

    It is absolutely amazing!! This was the first wig that i have bought and i will continue to buy my wigs through five wits!!

  14. charliechoos40 (verified owner)

    Beautiful wig! After a couple of wears you can tell whether it needs cutting (white weft) and where to style it! It’s really soft as well, doesn’t cause pain where other wigs would scratch and become uncomfortable. I really reccomend this wig (and this site!!)

  15. graceelizabethparsons (verified owner)

    I honestly wasn’t expected much but I was so surprised when I received this wig! The quality is amazing and is one of my favorite wigs ever!! The white chunk does require some styling (and cutting if you have a short forehead) but I got it to go exactly how I liked it! Next time I buy a wig I’m definitely looking at this site!!!!

  16. DriftQueen7 (verified owner)

    The shipping was fast. The wig came in perfect condition. The fit was fantastic, the colors were spot on and it’s so comfortable to wear. I love it so much. It’s a very well made wig. I do recommend you buy this. I will be buying from them in the future.

  17. vitoria.linsouza (verified owner)

    I loved the wig. ✨ It’s beautiful, very comfortable and soft. It surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much! ❤️

  18. phantomhive.butlersebby (verified owner)

    The wig it’s self is amazing! The only trouble I had was who ever wrote my adress on the package wrote it wrong so the post office almost sent my wig back, but luckily I got to the post office in time.
    But besides all that mumbo jumbo this wig is amazing! And I’m so excited to cosplay the Black Lion! Thank you for the amazing product!

  19. lovelystudiosproduction (verified owner)

    I’m in absolute love!! I wasn’t sure about this wig once it came it because I usually don’t wear wigs without bangs, but the quality convinced me!

    There are so many wefts that even despite the short length of the grey hairs for the undercut, there were no visible gaps! The colors were accurate to the pictures as well! A dark slate grey, with a nice midnight black, topped with a pure white!

    After washing the wig, I was a bit concerned because the white tuft looked ever so slightly pinkish white while it was wet, but it dried to close, if not the same, it was before.

    I noticed before washing that the white tuft had a few red fibers scattered among it, but only noticeable if you look closely. I ended up plucking them out (but don’t if you’ve never done something similar! You can easily rip out nearby fibers!) by making sure I held only the red fiber firmly and very close to cap while holding the cap, itself, with a firm hold.

    The white tuft had plenty of fibers to give it a full look, but in order to keep it from being flat, I fluffed it up a little with my fingers in an upward motion while raising it above my forehead (while having the wig on) before letting it drop to the spot I liked, then spraying it lightly with Got2B hairspray to help keep its shape for the wearing. One of the small groups of fibers (around 8 strands or so) was a centimeter or so away from the main group of the other white fibers, but due to it being near the backer portion, moving it to lay on top of the other fibers of the same color helped blend it into the chunk. I made sure to get it sprayed it with the hairspray so it wouldn’t move much, but it still involved going back and manually making sure it stayed due to its distance from the rest of the fibers. I ended up not trimming the chunk of white due to it raising up a bit when fluffed. The end fell to about the tip of my nose.

    Now, about the length. I liked the length of most of it, but like I said, the “bangs” (or, rather, lack of) were really short due to most of the forehead needing to be shown to accurately suit the character. After a bit of messing with the front tufts and placing it at its proper area, it became more comfortable in wearing (in terms of how comfortable I was seeing it on). One thing I did have a bit of an issue with were the sideburns. They were incredibly short? They came down to about mid ear and mixed in with my actual sideburns, something I wasn’t able to control no matter how I tried to hide mine. I ended up having to blend it, which worked out, but only due to my natural hair color being dark brown at this area.

    The wig itself was comfortable to wear. Despite how many layers of wefts were sewn in, it was no issue and was able to be worn with no discomfort. I, personally, tend to get migraines with wigs since I have long, thick hair, plus I like to put it in two wig caps (open end, as well as full cap). With this wig, I have yet to have this issue! It is loose, yet snug. It has adjustable straps, too, which work out well. The cap of the wig, itself, is black, suitable in terms of matching the wefts, making it harder to see should the wefts be parted.

    All in all, I love this wig and despite it being different in terms of what I’m used to (style wise), I’m sure to wear it plenty! I’ll have pictures up on my Tumblr and Instagram! My Tumblr is SewLovelyyy (no pictures uploaded yet) and my Instagram is Spencer_The_Otaku (pictures up!). I’m planning on cosplaying all of the paladins, and now I know where to get the wigs!

  20. Alexander

    This wig looks absolutely amazing! It’s the only one I’ve found with correct colors and has excellent reviews. I’m currently working on a Voltron group cosplay and have been keeping my eye on this wig for a while now, if you can could I please be notified when the wig is back in stock? I know its supposed to be this month and I have money specifically stowed away for this, I just want to make sure I don’t miss buying it as soon as possible.
    Thank you,

  21. Tylor (verified owner)

    It’s a Beautiful wig! Simply perfect for shiro! Very comfortable and it also has sideburns which hide my hair! It also doesn’t need much styling!

  22. FBStudios

    This is one of our favorite wigs! It’s so comfortable and has the most perfect transitions from grey to black to white. I found it didn’t need much styling at all, which makes it great to just pack and go for conventions! I have hair down to my hips, and find that all of my hair fits comfortably inside of the cap. Seriously one fantastic wig!

    Check out our makeup tutorial to go with the wig here:

  23. Fox

    Really amazing wig! I love that it’s so short but still has sideburns to hide my hairline.

    You can see a full review here on my YouTube!

  24. Evan

    Great wig! Of course, it needs a little styling and cutting to make it work, like most wigs, but it really is a great starting point for a Shiro wig.

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