Prima Tiger Skater Boi

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This wig is so fluffy we can’t. It is also so fierce. So very fierce, and born to make history. You can put the top half of it up in a little tail that means business. It won’t even show wefts, this wig is too professional for that. Very thickly wefted platinum blonde fibers make this omnidirectionally wefted wig easy to fluff and style in any direction. Looks great in selfies. It is heat resistant and easy to wash, so go give it everything.

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9 reviews for Prima Tiger Skater Boi

  1. rainbow (verified owner)

    Honestly I’m kind of disappointed. The wig is way too short. I thought it was how I was wearing it but even on a wig stand it’s far too short. It looks like a pixie cut with long bangs when worn. And the inside of the wig peaks through a lot in the back; definitely not as thick as I expected. It’s the right color and the bangs are good, but I was wrong to think I could go off these reviews saying it looks great worn straight out of the bag and that it’s “perfect” for the character. It’s a decent fit in a pinch if your con is in just a few days, though. Maybe I got a defective one. I’m still waiting for the staff to email me back to be sure

  2. kycosplay (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved using this wig for my Yurio cosplay! The length is perfect and the bangs look nice straight out of the bag. I wore it without any styling and it still looked great! Overall, another great quality wig from The Five Wits well worth the price.

  3. Naukajewel

    Overall this wig is perfect for Yurio! The wig curves inward so it conforms and shapes your face rather than sticks out straight. The color is also more of a yellowish blonde with lighter blonde highlights here and there. The bangs reach all the way down to my chin and stay put! The picture above (@naukajewel) shows the wig straight out of the bag! No styling was done to this wig aside from a quick comb through. I would absolutely recommend this wig.

  4. Victoria McKee (verified owner)

    Five stars honestly isn’t enough! The wig looked practically perfect straight out of the bag, and the color and cut were dead-on accurate. It’s very soft and easy to brush and detangle, and it has a very natural look in photos. I’d definitely recommend it!

  5. Nana Knoxois

    I love this wig! I was able to take it right out of the bag and wear it with no extra styling needed! It fit comfortably, a little on the big side but I have a slighter smaller than average head and really fine hair so I’m used to that. The color is spot on and I like the length in the back. It’s Perfect!

  6. SK (verified owner)

    Is it supposed to be so short? When I put it on, and this may be because I have a super big head and thick hair, but it is like a pixie cut on me. At least I think that’s what you call it.
    But it still is a nice wig and such a nice color too.

    • The Five Wits

      You might try experimenting with how your hair is done up under the wig. If your hair is not spread evenly over your head and is instead concentrated in one area, that can change the fit of the wig. Also, are the sizing straps along the inside edge hooked in? If they are, unhook them- they make the size of the wig smaller.

  7. Lissie (verified owner)

    This wig is perfect! It’s super soft and really thick, I believe they updated the photos so the color is true to the pictures. Highly recomended 🙂

  8. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I agree with Savvy’s review, the color is a little more blonde in person – it’s not too blonde though, a perfect shade of ash blonde for Yurio. No cutting or styling needed, this wig is perfect right out of the bag. It’s layered and falls just right. Will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality wig for Yurio 🙂

  9. Savvy

    It is actually more blonde than it is in the photo. So do not fret. It’s perfect. And I ordered t like two days ago and it got here quick. Worth every penny

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