Symmetrical Gunman Death Junior

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This sleek custom-styled black wig has the white stripes sewn right in, so you can grab, go, and start adjusting picture frames and other bothersome non-symmetrical things while saving the day. In the back, the fibers of this heat-resistant hiperlon wig are 5″ (13 cm) long and slightly curled up.

It’s perfect for Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

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1 review for Symmetrical Gunman Death Junior

  1. teresa.thomas256 (verified owner)

    I am looking forward to debuting Death the kid soon and this wig is perfect for him! Unlike a lot of of other Kid wigs I have seen, there is a lot of hair on the wig and the white lines that make his hair so iconic actually look really good and not like they were hastily done. This was the first Five Wits wig I have bought and I will certainly be buying more.

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