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This is 100″ (250 cm) of 18″ (48 cm) long wefts ready to be sewn into our wigs.

They’re available in “sugoi black”, “antagonist white”, “moonlight white”, “fatality white”, “determination brown”, “serious business brown”, “rowdy blond”, “big big blond”, “friendship blond”, “intensity orange”, “boss fight blue”, “galactic green”, “silver medal”, “red oni”, “splash page red”, “magical girl pink”, “romping peach”, “gothic purple”, “protagonist brown”, “bombshell blond”, “ganbatte green”, “stalwart blonde”, “toast brown”, “psychic purple”, “mallorn blond”, “spicy ginger”, and “oni blue”.

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Weight 0.35 lbs

Spicy Ginger, Toast Brown, Mallorn Blond, Psychic Purple, Stalwart Blond, Oni Blue, Ganbatte Green, Bombshell Blond, Protagonist Brown, Splash Page Red, Intensity Orange, Friendship Blond, Red Oni, Romping Peach, Antagonist White, Determination Brown, Sugoi Black, Moonlight White, Rowdy Blond, Gothic Purple, Silver Medal, Boss Fight Blue, Big Big Blond, Fatality White, Serious Business Brown, Galactic Green, Magical Girl Pink

2 reviews for Wefts

  1. Rachel Self (verified owner)

    When I needed to order wig wefts to make some sideburns for an OC D&D character. The owners went above and beyond! They took a look in their stock to see if they had a match for the wig I was buying. Which they did and added it to the store so I could purchase it.
    The wig wefts are heat resistant. I used a boiling/hot water method to add some texture to the weft fibers and add more body. I just braided the weft dipped in almost boiling water, dipped in ice water, and let dry. Once dry, I unbraided and teased the hair before using liquid latex to make some realistic sideburns. And they looked amazing on the actor!

  2. daric rodriguez (verified owner)

    got 2 packs of silver medal and a black base wig to rewefts and ventilate my own Krory wig from DGM. the quality of the wefts is amazing and 2 packs is more than enough for all the alterations iv’e done! Once the cosplay is done I cant wait to share the finished wig on social media.

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