Sly Trickster Glorious Porpoise

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This sleek black lace front knows what it is doing. It is perfect. Fit for trickster deities, epic rogues, creatures of the night, servants of that bird themed queen, the occasional troll, founding father, hero or villain, this wig is a great addition to your wig library.

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3 reviews for Sly Trickster Glorious Porpoise

  1. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    A gorgeous lace front for those who were born to rule. Deep black fibers are of a very high quality and the wig itself is easy to style. For a less extreme hairline, you can easily pluck the hairs out of the lace. The lace is confidently sturdy and the wig is very comfortable!

  2. Mhairi Kerr (verified owner)

    I’m using this for a cosplay of the Gentleman from Critical Role! It doesn’t lay the way I expected it to–it ends up looking a lot shorter than I expected from the photo, but I think that’s typical to expect. The lace is sturdy and my favorite type of lace to work with, and it’s a really great quality wig!! Five Wits Wigs never disappoints!!

  3. GatsbyGirl (verified owner)

    I used this wig for my Angeal Hewley cosplay and it was perfect after a trim. What I love about this wig is how firm the lace is. Because it’s much sturdier than most lace fronts I felt much more at ease styling it and wearing it. It’s also a really nice black (dark and not ashy) and the fibers are easy to brush.

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