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It took a long time to perfect this color. But now we have the perfect ash-pink-gray-sorta-blonde-but-not-at-all-really hair color you have been waiting for!

It styles easily with heat, and has LEET HAX skills. It will match that dress that almost nothing matches. In less time than it takes to wait for FF15, here is Super Player Game Over! Oh wait. Is that game literally over now? There's a whole new cast already? Fine. Beloved World Domination Chan and Mythic Matcha Mystery coming right up.

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4 reviews for Super Player Game Over

  1. magicalvoltage (verified owner)

    This wig is so so pretty! It’s a wonderful dusty rose, perfect for Chiaki and it’s perfectly styled as well! I didn’t have to do anything to it beforehand, it was just beautiful straight out of the bag!! Overall a stunning wig, 10000/10!!

  2. tsukikage.exe

    Hi! I have to say this is one of my favorite wigs I’ve ever bought. The color is beautiful and suits Chiaki so well. I was surprised with how well it complimented my makeup, and even without makeup it gave me a lot of confidence just wearing it while styling it. I actually didn’t do very much styling at all. It is prestyled so well for Chiaki and the fibers are so bouncy.! It didn’t tangle very easily, and held the styling (just heat and cutting the bangs) wonderfully! I did have to cut the bangs because they were too long, but that’s naturally how wigs come to make sure they fit any face; no complaints!! It arrived quickly and the Five Wits Wigs always use recyclable packaging that isn’t plastic which I love.

  3. flyingvulcan (verified owner)

    No joke, this is the most comfortable wig I’ve ever owned! It’s perfect for Chiaki and even looks great straight out of the bag – a little hairspray and some love takes it to the next level! The hair itself is light and bouncy with bangs are a good length for me, but you may want to trim the ends if they’re a bit too long for your tastes. They also weren’t kidding when they said that the color matches everything – it somehow perfectly compliments the contacts I bought for my cosplay! All in all, I’d 100% recommend this wig!

  4. Lexine Goldsmith (verified owner)

    This is my first wig I’ve bought from the five wits and I’m so pleased! It came with the bangs already cut a perfect length, and styled exactly like the photo. The color is beautiful and perfect for Chiaki!

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