The Darkest of Fridays

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This long black lacefront is heat resistant, easy to detangle, and totally fab. Walk into the club like you are an ancient immortal vampire, a trickster god, or one of those twins from that one campaign, and take on your LARP like you were there when the strength of men failed. This wig will not let you down, whether on the town, the field of battle or at a really really long council. Live it love it lace front.

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2 reviews for The Darkest of Fridays

  1. daric rodriguez (verified owner)

    I’ve been in need of a good black lacefront for several characters with similar enough hair that it’s an easy styling edit between them. I haven’t worn it with a full cosplay yet but I’m in love! The lace quality is amazing compared to other lacefronts I’ve owned and I can’t wait to take pictures in completed Vax, Damien Bloodmarch and Louis De Pointe Du Lac cosplays!

  2. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    I’ve been cosplaying Damien from Dream Daddy for a while, and had prior gone through two lace fronts for him. I purchased this when I was updating his cosplay a bit, and wow! This wig was worth every penny. The hairline is perfect, and the wig has the exact thickness to where it is full without becoming unruly. Most impressively, after wearing it for a few hours it needed minimal detangling; a very welcome change of pace. This wig is gorgeous!

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