Unlikely Giant Love Interest

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Another super versatile shoulder length wig, in a friendly natural brown? Yes. Great for battling and/or studying Titans, attending high school, exploring dark wonderlands, or quietly pretending you never dyed your real hair that teal that is not allowed at work/school. It comes with an easily attachable fluffy ponytail for even more versatility and styling options. The wig measures 24″ (61 cm) at the longest, and the ponytail is 10″ (25 cm) long and all flippy!

It works well for Ymir from Attack on Titan, Quiet from Metal Gear, and June from 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. You can also use the poof to style it up for Hanji Zoe from Attack On Titan by using the method shown in the photos below.

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Weight 0.81 lbs

base wig plus 1 ponytail, base wig ONLY, 1 ponytail ONLY

2 reviews for Unlikely Giant Love Interest

  1. kb231.stu (verified owner)

    I love this wig, I had to cut some bangs for the front, and it was super easy! I have been using this wig for 3 different characters and it is so fun and super soft still ❤️

  2. Robyn (verified owner)

    This wig does have some filler fiber on the scalp, but since it’s a long wig, it’s barely noticeable. I love the color, but it does change a bit depending on the lighting. I think the pictures depict the color variance pretty well. The fiber is soft, and the wefts are sewn sufficiently dense that you can’t see through. This wig is fairly easy to style, with the caveat that long wigs always have their issues.

    Shipping was extremely fast! If you live in the US, your wig will probably get to you in less than a week. My friend and I both got our orders in three days. (She ordered on Sunday, and I ordered on Monday, and both packages came in on Wednesday.) I didn’t think that was going to happen because the Wits are going to Katsucon this week. I forgot to mention in my other review that we both live in Hawaii, so we were both surprised that shipping only took three days (minus Sunday since USPS doesn’t ship on Sundays).

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