Black Steel Rhinestone Entree

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This short swept-back black lacefront wig has a widow’s peak, and lots of thick fluffy hair that will easily fluff up or smooth down to suit you. Whether you want to cosplay a classic vampire or a seductive katsudon, this wig will perform amazingly. Also, it is heat resistant, so don’t be afraid to turn up the temperature.

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3 reviews for Black Steel Rhinestone Entree

  1. TheAlchemicFox (verified owner)

    Picked up this wig for a Shikamaru base and used their matching wefts to create his spiky ponytail as a separate piece. Beautiful wig with a nice thick lace hairline. I’ve had issues with other brands where the lace was so thin there wasn’t even a point in having it because my natural hair peeked through and ruined the effect. I had no such issues here! Highly recommend, especially for the price!

  2. flyingvulcan (verified owner)

    Another lacefront that knocks it out of the park!! It has a prominent widow’s peak which is great for cosplays that need them. However, the hairline is super easy to modify with good tweezers and patience if (like me) you need to make it a little softer!! I picked up this wig for Ango Sakaguchi from Bungo Stray Dogs and couldn’t be happier!!

  3. InkedGeekAtelier (verified owner)

    This wig is perfect for Zack Faire – FF7 with some wefts for his little tail. It has a super natural hairline that matches his well. It is super easy to style and spike

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