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This super short black cosplay wig is only 3" (8 cm) long. It works for lots of characters like Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, Yuuki Mishima from Persona 5, Mori from Ouran, Daichi Sawamura from Haikyuu!!, Izuki Shun from Kuroko no Basuke, Yamazaki Sousuke from Free!, Sakamichi Onoda from Yowamushi Pedal, Tadashi from Big Hero 6, and Sollux Captor from Homestuck.

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5 reviews for Cocky Commander General Snap

  1. TheAlchemicFox (verified owner)

    The perfect shorter black male wig. I actually use it primarily for Kageyama from Haikyuu, because I found all the other options just way too long and too much styling for my liking. This is easy and quick to style. I’ve also used it for Roy Mustang, and loved it. Definitely a great versatile wig!

  2. Panda

    I bought this wig specifically for Connor Culh (Letter Bee), but since then I’ve found a bunch of uses for it. Short, dark hair is pretty much an anime staple, so this wig has been in my suitcase for nearly every con I’ve attended over the last few years.

  3. Homestuck Cosplay

    Holy Cow! This was my first wig that I have ever gotten and it was great! I’ve used it for 3 cosplays already. I used them for my Jake English, John Egbert, and a design done by _____ of Male!Redglare (Which was awesome!) I even had some friends that didn’t recognize me. They thought I dyed my hair or I was just someone else! I know that I will definately be buying more wigs from here and I already have recommended this place for all of my cosplayer friends or people who just need some good FREAKIN’ WIGS!

  4. Myshonok Cosplay

    Nice quality wig and great fibers, but much smaller than expected. I have extremely short hair and according to my head measurement, it should ave fit just fine. However, I ended up having to add a couple bits of elastic in towards the back to increase the circumference.

  5. hima

    I purcahsed this wig for my Kaneki Ken cosplay, and it is beyond perfection! It looks and feels like real hair, and is absolutley perfect for Kaneki. I also purcahsed this around the time of the memorial day sale, and was having trouble with the codes(they weren’t working for me). The Five Wits staff helped me so quickly! They are also very nice and take their time. All in all, great customer service and a great wig!!

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