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This 8 oz. bottle of spray-on wig detangler can help you keep your long wig looking nice. It’s no substitute for proper care and storing, but if you spray this product on the wig either before wearing, or before detangling with your fingers and with a wide-toothed comb, it can be a big help. We’ve tested it on our wigs. It also smells nice and adds a little shine to the wig.

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2 reviews for wig detangler

  1. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    Combined with the detangling comb, tangled wigs don’t stand a chance. Works great for getting out the snarls and keeping your wigs sleek. Only downside is it can make the floor slippery, so spray with caution!

  2. vstiefel (verified owner)

    This really helped me detangle my long ponytails. The only qualm I have is the smell, which is a strong “clean” scent. It doesn’t make the wig smell like that after you’re done, but it’s something to note.

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