The Five Wits is a geeky traveling business belonging to Ruth and friends. Maybe you met us at one of our many conventions, or maybe you stumbled across us on the Internet. However you got here, welcome! We’re artists, costumers, writers, and geeks of many fandoms. If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll feel right at home.
We started out in 2003 selling cloaks by Jessica and sculptures and art by Ruth, along with assorted trinkets. These days we mostly sell wigs, but all sorts of things can be found at our booths- teas, books, plants, jewelry, and more.
Our art and writing site is The Five Wits Press, and our non-wig sales are made on our network site, The Five Wits.
Our social media accounts for the wigs are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
If you’ve got any questions about the wigs themselves (sizing, material, etc); they’re answered on the FAQ.
You can contact us at thefivewitswigs at gmail dot com.

Meet The Wits

Friends Of The Wits
J.R. Blackwell has given us some lovely wig photography. Cactus Mafia sell our wigs for us in Canada. Our logo was created by Roach.

A special thank you to Panda, Ems, Blu, Kat, Lauren, Lauren2, J.R., Jadzia, Second, Xand, Caroline and more for helping us out with the business at shows!

Media and Reviews