Each of these colors has multiple wigs, wefts, braids, bangs, or bun clips that match! Check here if you need to get wefts or another accessory that matches your wig.

Riku Wig Closeup

Akuma Silver

"big big blonde"

Big Big Blond

"boss fight blue"

Boss Fight Blue

opal gothic loli cosplay wig

Evanescent Opal

"friendship blonde"

Friendship Blond

Deku wig back view

Ganbatte Green

Weasley cosplay wig side view

Ginger Red

"intensity orange"

Intensity Orange

"mallorn blond"

Mallorn Blond

Kitagawa cosplay wig back view

Oni Blue

"protagonist brown"

Protagonist Brown

"red oni"

Red Oni

"rowdy blonde"

Rowdy Blond

"serious business brown"

Serious Business Brown

"spicy ginger"

Spicy Ginger

"stalwart blonde"

Stalwart Blond

"toast brown"

Toast Brown

Antagonist White

"bombshell blonde"

Bombshell Blond

"determination brown"

Determination Brown

"fatality white"

Fatality White

Sailor Pluto cosplay wig back view

Galactic Green

GG Golden Brown

Raven Wig Closeup

Gothic Purple

"magical girl pink"

Magical Girl Pink

Moonlight White

"psychic purple"

Psychic Purple

Ruby cosplay wig

Punch Pink

"romping peach"

Romping Peach

extra long weft in "science purple"

Science Purple

Victor cosplay wig 2

Silver Medal

"splash page red"

Splash Page Red

Black Rock Shooter cosplay wig base only top view

Sugoi Black