Demon Lord Hot Pants

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This pink ponytail wig is great for demon lords, primary pokécare providers, magical swords women, idols, warriors and mech pilots. It is surprisingly powerful, heat resistant, easy to wash and wear and change the world in. Please use your reality altering powers responsibly.

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1 review for Demon Lord Hot Pants

  1. empress-aya (verified owner)

    I haven’t styled or cut it yet, but I have tried it on and it’s pretty comfortable! The ponytails add a decent amount of weight, so I won’t be wearing it for long periods of time yet, but the clips are easy to use. The first time I combed through it, some strands did fall out, but I’m not sure if that’s normal or not as this is the first wig I’ve owned. Very glad I purchased it from here, excited to finish my cosplay and wear this wig to a convention!

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