Love Victorious Such Winning

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This lace front wig is made for champions, ice princes, and maybe even Paladins trying out a new color. Heat resistant and hella stylable, this wig will keep its cool on triple toe loops and in the hot tub. Get it fast before it skates away!

This wig has been reviewed by Rui Win!

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2 reviews for Love Victorious Such Winning

  1. flyingvulcan

    Just picked this up in person at Anime NYC! After trimming the lace appropriately, it looks great for my Miles Edgeworth cosplay! The bangs are nice and thick, which’ll make it so easy to style. It’s a touch lighter in color than I had originally thought, but it’s highly possible that the lighting in my apartment isn’t doing it justice. It also stayed in place extremely well without any lace tape! (I’ll most likely still add a very small amount for when I wear it to cons, but I don’t have to worry about when I throw it on to take test photos, which’ll save me a lot of time, haha.) Since my hair refuses to be dyed grey, no matter how hard I try, it looks so natural that this is the next best thing!

  2. kingmalus (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning! My second lace front from this store and overall, and I couldn’t be happier! I used it for my Victor Nikiforov Cosplay and Hades from the popular webtoon, Lore Olympus. It’s natural, thick, and very easy to work with. I absolutely love it.

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