Oh Captain My Captain

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This short natural dark blonde lacefront wig is easy to style in lots of ways! Sweep it back, give it crest bangs, brush it forward, part it any which way up top, and it will roll with the punches. You can heat style it, hair spray it, floof it big or ease it smooth. It's there for you.

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2 reviews for Oh Captain My Captain

  1. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, naturally toned blonde lace front. Lighter blondes shades are tough to wear for me, but this color worked perfectly! I plan to use it for Albert Wesker from Resident Evil; the hairline looks great and the lace front doesn’t look too “puffy” when styled back.

  2. Roguebee (verified owner)

    Its just like the picture, the color is beautiful and the quality of the ‘hair’ is very nice! Had to knock a few stars off because the lace is SO stiff and itchy, its like sandpaper 🙁

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