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You are a hero. You like swords. Lots of swords. All shapes, kinds and sizes. Duels on rooftops are kind of YOUR THING. So is very spiky hair. Bro. You got this. We have your hair right here. Fluff it, spike it, strife it, make it into a bird; what we are saying is that this is epic hair and should be yours. This wig is so easily stylable that the main photo involved two minutes or less and no hairspray. The longest fibers of this wig are about 6" (15 cm) long. The color is a very pale blond. Pairs well with killer shades and Buster Swords.

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5 reviews for Strife Heart Sword Kind

  1. Danielle Chang (verified owner)

    This is a pretty good wig for Cloud Strife. I barely used any product and just spiking it with your hands gave it a pretty good shape as is, although you may want put some product in for it to stay spiked like that for long long periods of time like at a convention. My boyfriend got a lot of compliments as Cloud!

  2. ShingFX

    I went to Katsucon this year with a horrible wig, and Five Wits came to me with a MIRACLE in the dealer’s room. This wig!! I was cosplaying Prompto and this was perfect to help me out on Friday once I styled it up in the hotel room with just regular hairspray. I touched the hair, and it’s so thick and wonderful I couldn’t believe it. I was so thankful, you have no idea!! I even just wear it out; this is my fav wig I own. Styling is so easy, and people even think its my real hair. (My natural hair is always bleached, but I want a fuller look.) Seriously, this is an amazing wig. Highly recommend.

  3. Jules (verified owner)

    I got this wig to use for Junkrat and it did not disappoint! It was super easy to style and took well to the hairspray I had in my house. Honestly it was pretty much my first time styling a wig much more than teasing or adding in wefts to thicken parts up so I was super surprised how easy it was! The fibers pretty much would just form and hold spikes on their own, NICE

  4. RookStarFire

    It’s soo soft and thick even without any styling! I have dark hair and it’s so thick you can’t see my hair at all! one of my favourite wigs!

  5. Alex

    This wig is so nice and fluffy!! It works so well for styling and has a very nice colour to it and is overall one of the most sadisfying wigs I’ve ever bought, works really well for the character Dirk Strider btw! would definitely recommend.

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