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This short wig is an ashy brown-blonde that works well for Tiz Arrior from Bravely Default, Adam from Voltron, Arashi from Show by rock, and Hinata Hajime from Dangan Ronpa. It's shaggy, easily spiked, and the fibers are about 14" (35 cm) long.

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4 reviews for My Beloved Peasant Village

  1. visceralnerd (verified owner)

    I used this wig for my Hajime Hinata cosplay. It’s the perfect length for his hairstyle. Styling his ahoge went wonderful! There was enough hair to make one without showing any elastic which was such a relief. Awesome wig!

  2. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    Love the texture and color on this one! I wound up dying it a bit darker for Lt. Croy from Star Wars. Looks very natural and dyed beautifully with Rit Dyemore.

  3. peachmilkcos

    this wig was almost perfect! it was my first time ordering from fivewits so i was a lil bit scared but i heard good reviews about fivewits so i decided to give it to go. i was super happy eith the quality and feel of the wig! super thick and enough hair to work with. the only downside was the color of the wig, i thiught it’d be a little darker and closer to canon color for hajime but it was very light. that was okay though! i was easily able to fix that by dying the wig a darker brown which didn’t ruin any of the wig quality, thanking fivewits for having heat resistant wigs. anyways, it worked very well once styled! i’d recommend if you don’t mind doing extra work by dying or just don’t care about the color.

  4. Noah Ronek (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd wig from here, and I got it for hajime, and I absolutely love it. I myself am not a great wig stylist but i was able to easily form a ahoge for him with hairspray/ hair gel. It also fits well on my head, and looks natural. At first I was worried it would be too light for hajime but it still worked perfect :).

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