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Yosh! Princely Hero Type


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It flips! It fluffs! It starts Host Clubs! It does acrobatic pirouettes on and off handles, but it’s known for playing it smooth and chill. This is truly the hair of prince types, and a great wig for heroes both eager and reluctant. Whether you plan on wielding a vending machine, the master sword, or the power of the British navy, this hair will serve you admirably. With an omnidirectional top, and our crazy poseable heat resistant hiperlon fiber, this wig can be swept in any direction from the smooth Hyrule side part to something resembling a bird.

This wig has been used for England (Arthur) from Axis Powers Hetalia, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, Shizuo from Durarara, Dave Strider from Homestuck, Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts, Link from The Legend of Zelda (mostly the Wind Waker version), Ken Joshima from Reborn!, Alois Trancy from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Sanji from One Piece, Guy from Tales of the Abyss, Flynn from Tales of Vesperia, and Alibaba from Magi.

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