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Cosplaying everyone's favorite big buff cheeto puff, Jasper from Steven Universe? Feast your eyes on this lovely Jasper cosplay wig. It's the perfect off-white color directly from the show, a bit of a mix between white and blonde- and it's super shaggy and layered without tangling easily. The wig itself is a healthy 39" (100 cm) long. It also works for Aion or Aireen, both from Show by rock.

In these pictures, the wig itself has zero styling product in it- imagine the havoc it could wreak with a hint of hairspray for volume and fluff.

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4 reviews for Big Buff Cheeto Puff

  1. comfycapitolism (verified owner)

    Super soft wig! I was able to easily make an ahoge at the top for a Kaede Akamatsu cosplay, and it was fluffy and thick enough to the point where I could make the hair sticking up look good! And it’s pretty easy to detangle and wash, which it’s important for longer wigs. It is a little more blonde than the photo but still a very nice wig !! I’ve had it for over a year now, highly recommend !

  2. jaylaoftheday (verified owner)

    A very wonderful wig! Enjoyed styling it and wearing it because it was so manageable!

  3. Vitali Cosplay (verified owner)

    This wig is SUPER thick. It has that perfect off-white/eggshell color that is canon to the show, and the frizzy, unkept style of the wig makes the entire cosplay come together! 10/10

  4. Alexander Boehme-Mason

    This wig is awesome. It is long and beautiful. It works well with many skin colors. It is just fun to wear. It is long so if you don’t want it near your waist then it isn’t for you, but of you love long wigs that you can wear for more than just one photo-shoot than this wig is great.

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