Emotionally Stunted Bullet Ballet

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Whatever memories/emotions/shards of humanity/liters of blood you may be missing, don't be caught without this wig. This thick and fluffy silvery/grey/white wig is omnidirectional at the top, making it one of our most versatile styles. It can be spiked up to shinigami or ninja stature, smoothed to vampire class suevite, and artfully mussed to please both genetically engineered assassins and amnesiac ballet princes. Whether your work involves guarding childhood, being a magical mailman, exorcisms, ghoulish shenanigans, or just good old fashioned detective work, this wig is a practical pick. It's icy cool, but always heat-stylable, easily washable, spikable, and good for more characters than you can wave your staff/luger/demon sword/balletic gesture/troll fanfic at.

This wig works for Samatoki Aohitsugi from Hypnosis Mic, Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

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6 reviews for Emotionally Stunted Bullet Ballet

  1. Irlcatra (verified owner)

    Used for Jack Frost, I love this wig. Really good!

  2. werew0lves (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore this wig! I actually got it for Lil Hal from Homestuck, and it suits my needs perfectly! I was able to make plenty of spikes, and I adore the way the hairline is where it meets my forehead — it allowed me to do a flippy-out bang effect I haven’t been able to achieve with other wigs! I didn’t have to do any trimming in the back at all against my neck, just a little bit in the front to suit my own preferences.

  3. YutaHorror (verified owner)

    It’s extremely soft, matte and overall a wonderful wig. Needs a small trim around the eyes but besides that, it’s perfect!

  4. tmartin14 (verified owner)

    I bought this wig for a Kaneki cosplay like many others here, and was equally impressed. The wig was a great color and took minimal styling other than shorting up the bangs for my face. It is a thick wig that does well with some heat styling. Highly recommend!

  5. Koneko_Akise (verified owner)

    Perfect like usual! I love this wig so much! It’s going to work perfect for my Ken Kaneki cosplay! It’s very thick and long enough to where you can cut it back to fit your face. Even if your styling skills aren’t the best you can wear this right out of package for a Kaneki cosplay or even Near from Death Note. I’ve said this before, but I have a bigger head and very long hair so it can be difficult to find wigs for me, but this wig has so much extra room I can wear it comfortably! If you have a smaller head or short hair you can adjust the straps to fit your head size easily. Love the fact I can hide all my hair in this wig! Still my one and only place I’m gonna buy wigs from!

  6. Tired_Cosplays (verified owner)

    This is my second wig from this site and I have to say I will be a regular customer. The wig was super soft and easy to style. The hair is thick and had the length for spiking and styling. I wore it for Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul with little styling and it worked very well! The adjustment straps on the inside make it a very comfortable fit for any head size. I plan on using the wig for Kakashi from Naruto and possibly Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins soon. I can’t wait to order more wigs from this site! Definitely recommend.

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