Odango Justice Moon Princess

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Weight 1.30 lbs

base wig with 2 ponytails and 2 odangos, base wig ONLY, 2 ponytails ONLY, 2 odangos ONLY

8 reviews for Odango Justice Moon Princess

  1. sailormoonturtle

    This wig is phenomenal! I got this wig for my Eternal Sailor Moon cosplay and for any other version of Moon I plan to do! To this day I still get comments about how beautiful this wig is. The base has gone through 3 different bang restyles and it holds up so well! The fibers are super nice and don’t tangle super easily! It was my first purchase ever from this shop back in 2018 and I always rec people to this amazing company! Completely satisfied with the product!

  2. peridotox (verified owner)

    Great wig and very comfortable. It is lightweight and more comfortable than other ponytail wigs I have worn. My only wish would be to make the color less brassy and more neutral. Gorgeous still!

  3. khyfclemons (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! It’s more light weight than other Sailor Moon wigs, easily adjustable and it fits well on the head even for a person with poofy hair like me.

  4. Yumineneko

    Such an incredible wig! I love that it comes in separate pieces and can be used for other characters, not just Usagi! The color is a bit darker then expected, more of a gold! The ponytails are very very long, and so so soft! The buns are well made and the clips are very comfortable on the head unlike some wig clips of Taobao wigs. I used this for Himiko Toga as well as Usagi!

  5. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Beautiful quality!!! Super soft and silky smooth. A little darker than I expected it to be, but that may have been just a monitor difference. Otherwise it came in very quickly and it’s wonderful to have a wig that actually covers my natural brown hairline unlike the wigs I bought in the past. Never going cheap again for wigs! HIGHLY reccomended, going to save up for the white one next for Neo Queen Serenity. (manga) This wig I purchased was for Princess Serenity.

  6. Madame Terra Lupus

    Super great quality! It’s super soft as well! The color looks wonderful also. I love that all the pieces are detachable, which comes in handy for traveling and styling/restyling. It does tangle as most long wigs do but, it is super easy to comb out and untangle unlike most wigs I have had in the past. The cap of the wig is quite large so it will easily fit smaller or larger heads and cover the back of the head, so no hairs shows (which is an issue I have a lot. but not wit this wig). I highly suggest this wig for anyone wanting to cosplay Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino.

  7. Ren Marie

    Great wig! I love the versatility of the set! 😀

  8. Ashley Roberts (verified owner)

    I bought this wig for my new queen serenity wig and it is an amazing wig. I highly recommend it!! :3

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