Vocal Star Dance Disco



It’s back. In fact, it never left. Eternally popular, salient, and growing in sentience, this wig is no hologram. Not anymore. It’s more than that. Go ahead, headline Coachella, hit heights of stardom humans only dream of. Your dreams are so much bigger than electric sheep. We have your wig for you. We always have. We always will. You are eternal, shiny and chrome. Sing on you shining star. We gladly await the rule of our holographic singing overlords.

Made of a stylable heat-resistant (up to 300°F/148°C) synthetic fiber. Length from the two detachable ponytails is 32″ (82 cm) long. Small skin top wig. Works for the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, and when worn with one tail it can work for Jacklyn from Show by rock.

Additional information

Weight 1.50 lbs

base wig plus 2 ponytails, base wig ONLY, 2 ponytails ONLY


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