Rewind That Sad Song

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This long and wavy opal-silver wig falls in tangle resistant wavy locks, from a center-sewn skin part. Treat this sweet and soft wig well. It takes low heat and most styling beautifully, and has the inner strength to be the hero you need.

This wig has been reviewed by Jade!

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3 reviews for Rewind That Sad Song

  1. Mikaylacons (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful wig! The right curls are bouncy and voluminous. The color is a very light grayish blue and is the perfect cosplay wig for Eri from ‘My Hero Academia’. It came out of the bag perfectly styled. 10/10 would recommend this wig, as it is one of my personal favorites.

  2. vstiefel (verified owner)

    I adore the color of this wig and ended up straightening and using it for Abbacchio from Jojo Part 5. It’s now of my favorite wigs that I own. And despite being a hard front, sits quite nicely on the head. Would high recommend this wig (in its natural curly form as well as it straightened.)

  3. Sayge Merida (verified owner)

    I love using this wig for Eri from mha. It’s long but it doesn’t slide around on your head and the styling is cute out of the bag. I chose not to brush out the tight curls it has because I enjoy them but I may try it to see how the wig looks. Either way the wig is one I have enjoyed using time and time again.

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