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This long, pre-styled wig is black with a slightly brown/grey tinge. It is pulled back from the sides and styled up in a bun in the back. Made of a sleek heat-resistant (up to 300°F/148°C) synthetic fiber. Length is 32″ (80 cm) from the crown. Hard front wig. Works for Xie Lian from Heaven Official's Blessing, as well as many other characters from C-Drama.

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2 reviews for So Heaven Very God

  1. Micaiah (verified owner)

    This wig is gorgeous! The pre-styling is very solid – it has a bun cover attached and sewn into place. It took me a good amount of effort to take it out and restyle for my own purposes (for Shen Qingqiu) so I imagine it would remain sturdy if you like how it is! It reaches down to my mid/lower back (I’m 5’7″). As always with Five Wits the fibers are easy to work with, thanks for another beautiful high quality product. ^w^

  2. Jaye42

    Spot on for Xie Lian! The color is beautiful and does look different from Dark and Stormy Knight in Sugoi black for the proper shade difference between him and Hua Cheng.
    The pre-styling on this is elegant and feels like it will stay solidly in place.

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