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Did you see that movie that's on TV all the time? The one about finding about one of your favorite missing socks? Sorry, that isn't really news is it? But this wig is. I looked up my horoscope for today, and it said I'm going to have good luck! Also a really fun cosplay opportunity. Time to expand your horizons, turn over a new leaf, and embrace being a beloved civic figure.

Made of a sleek heat-resistant (up to 300°F/148°C) synthetic fiber. Length is 14" (35 cm) from the crown, with 11" (28 cm) long ponytails. Skin cap part wig. Works for Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Part of the "bombshell blonde" color match.

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Weight 1.25 lbs

base wig and 3 ponytails, base wig ONLY, 3 ponytails ONLY

1 review for Do It For Her

  1. AllintheBones (verified owner)

    This wig is fantastic! I bought it for Youmacon 2022 and it exceeded expectations! The volume was a dream, the clips didn’t move (and considering how windy it was that was a blessing let me tell you), and I barely had to style it outside of trimming the bangs to give myself more visibility. Despite being four pieces I never found myself feeling weighed down and I spent all day weighing it without issue – even with how warm it was in Dealers/AA. If you’ve been contemplating this wig for Isabelle I highly recommend giving her a go!

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