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This is clearly the wig you should pick. It is heat resistant. It has a detachable ponytail clip. It is soft and stylable. It loves you. Make this warm peach wig part of your world today. Do it.

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5 reviews for Everything’s Fine JUST MONIKA

  1. Littlemas72 (verified owner)

    Very cute and great for Monika! I trimmed the bangs a bit and brushed a little and it’s perfect. Very comfortable and not super heavy like some wigs. Definitely would recommend!

  2. visceralnerd (verified owner)

    This was the first wig I purchased from FiveWitsWigs, and I was shocked with how well made it was! It was styled exactly how I needed it to be, and the ponytail clip is bouncy and a little wavy! The bangs are long so you can cut them to frame your face. I used this wig for Monika, but it would also double for Chisa from Danganronpa as well!

  3. Skylar Elkins (verified owner)

    I really wanna give this wig 5 stars because it’s a good wig, but when I pulled it out of the bag and ran my wig brush through it, a LOT of hair came out of the ponytail. On top of that, the two long pieces of hair in the front seem to be uneven? Like there’s more hair on one side. Finally, the bangs are fairly long and need some trimming to get it out of my eyes, but overall a decent wig!! Thick, easy to brush, a good color, and shipping was fast!!

  4. flyingvulcan (verified owner)

    I bought this for my partner’s Chisa Yukizome (Danganronpa 3) cosplay and we love it!! The ponytail is very nice and swings very naturally when clipped onto the base wig. She might use it for a Monika wig in the future as well, so it’ll definitely be getting some use!!

  5. miraculouslollipop

    While just a tad too orange for Monika, this wig is still excellent and easy to style. Little work is needed besides trimming the bangs.

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