Super Ultimate Despair High

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This ponytail wig is a lovely blend of pink and blonde fibers, creating a lovely strawberry blonde mix. It has long, rather extreme clip-on ponytails with a ton of fiber. They're incredibly layered and fluffy, so they can be fluffed out and ratted for maximum super-high-school-crazy-go-nuts-level volume for Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa!! Of course, the wig when kept nice and neat, like it is right out of the bag, would also work well for any lolita.

We do sell separate clips in case you want to get more and go EXTRA CRAZY with the ponytails on this one- we wouldn't blame you!

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3 reviews for Super Ultimate Despair High

  1. flyingvulcan (verified owner)

    Picked up this wig for my partner’s Junko cosplay and it worked perfectly! It’s a very nice strawberry blonde and was very comfortable for her to wear during a full day of con activities. It feels a little heavy when you attach the first pigtail clip, but it balances out as soon as the second is attached and wasn’t a problem; I didn’t even need to sew in any extra u-clips, which was a blessing since my plate was already very full pre-con. We got the base wig and one set of pigtail clips – it honestly gave off a natural Junko vibe without adding any extra weight! However, if you want HUGE pigtails, be sure to order extra clips!

  2. adamsnowflakecontact (verified owner)

    I like it but its way to orange for junko and its extremely shiny. It looks alot pinker and better in the picture.

  3. Kayla L (verified owner)

    I must say- this wig is MINDLOWINGLY awesome! This is my first wig from thefivewits, and I promise it wont be the last.

    The wig itself is soft, and the colour is spot on. It fits my head with room to spare (though I have short thinner hair), and the pigtails attach easily and securely. Im totally in love- or should I say… Despair? 😉

    If your thinking of purchasing this wig or any other one on this site- please do!! You wont be disappointed 🙂

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