Certain Angle of Light

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This wig looks trustworthy! The soft fluffy pale blonde top is undercut with a darker blonde and is happy to be your best friend and is full of good advice. It resists heat, but not like because of any suspicious reasons, just because it is great. It is also so very sculptable and easy to style. It could be anything. It probably will be.

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3 reviews for Certain Angle of Light

  1. Shannon Stephenson (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in LOVE with this wig!! Great quality, doesn’t have a super shiney effect and its SUPER comfortable on my head! Perfect for Ryo Asuka cosplays and wear for hours!
    My only wish was that they had a matching AKIRA FUDO wig because then it would be an AMAZING Pair!! Other than that, this wig is the BEST!
    It also came in SUPER fast! I recieved it about a week later after it was shipped out!
    Will reccomend and order from them again!

  2. kingmalus (verified owner)

    This wig. Is absolutely perfect. I was gonna post pictures and show- but there wasn’t an option. It’s exactly the same as Ryo’s hairstyle and is perfect for anyone wanting to cosplay Ryo. I’ve already recommended this to several people, and will continue recommending it. – @kingmalus

  3. Linnlovegood

    I was very happy when i got it since it was so soft and a good fit for my kinda small head! It was easy to style ( hairspray and cutting it a bit ). It was way more easy to handle than most short wigs i used so it was really nice!! So i would to 100% recommend this wig to anyone who want to cosplay ryo!!

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