Fight Me War Boar

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This startlingly pretty wig is of course very strong, heat resistant, and stays nice under unlikely head wear. Omnidirectionally wefted black on top, blue below, and ready to rumble at a moments notice, this wig can be styled easily, and also looks fine right out of the bag.

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2 reviews for Fight Me War Boar

  1. NerdyCoffeebean

    I love how easy it is to maintain! 10/10 would recommend for Inosuke!

  2. TheAlchemicFox (verified owner)

    I personally find the blue at the bottom to be a bit light in color. I threw the whole wig into a dye bath of dark blue and found that the colors blended a bit more naturally and the colors were more accurate. It’s a simple solution, but I wish it wasn’t necessary. The layering is wonderful and makes styling an absolute breeze. Also saved me the trouble of sewing two wigs together, including the price tag of two wigs, or sewing wefts into another wig. The thickness and length is perfect. If I didn’t have to take the extra step of dyeing it, it would be 5 stars easy.

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