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Does this hair look familiar? Like an old friend you’ve been looking for going on ages now? Or maybe suspiciously like another hero in an adjacent franchise? Don’t fret, it’s great hair, and super stylable, in a subtle opal silver that does amazing things in different lighting. Kind of like that one guy’s ever color changing hair that we are not bitter about. Also of course it is heat resistant. Sorry for making you wait for that fact. You’ve waited long enough. Enjoy this lovely moonlight colored wig.

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3 reviews for Silver Key Slow Sequel

  1. amandalyn call (verified owner)

    Perfect for m Riku from Kingdom hearts cosplay.The wig styles easy and has a nice softness to it.

  2. TheAlchemicFox (verified owner)

    Overall happy with this wig, but I found it a little thin in spots where I wanted to do more heavy styling. That being said, the color is PERFECT for Riku and in the end I loved the way it looked. It just took a little extra effort to get it there

  3. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    Super happy with this wig! It is absolutely perfect for Kingdom Hearts 3 Riku; the color and styling was spot on. As always from Five Wits, the wig is comfortable and made with quality material.

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