Sleepless King of Roadtrips

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Sometimes you can't wait to be king, and others you'd rather be fishing. We get it. This fluffy blue-grey wig is made extra fluffy, with omnidirectional wefting so you can spike and fluff or flatten it as you like. Heat resistant and easy to style, this hair will get you though the longest road trip (or wait for the next release date).

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2 reviews for Sleepless King of Roadtrips

  1. ShingFX (verified owner)

    I have 3 wigs from Five Wits, and I love this company. I’ve worn them outside of cons and events, and have had comments on how they real they appear. I got this wig because Noctis, of course! However, the best thing about this is that you can style it in any way you want! I’ve styled it using just regular hairspray for Noct, and then combed it out to just wear it however I want. These wigs are so amazing; the fibers used are way more quality than others I’ve had. Love them!!

  2. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a perfect Noctis wig from Final Fantasy XV, you’ve found it!
    This wig copies Noctis’ spiky look very easily and required no trimming when I styled it. The color blend is just gorgeous – a perfect mix of gray, blue and black. As always with this company, the wig is comfortable and has beautiful fibers. Highly recommended.

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