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This messily curled, shaggy white wig is perfect for Komaeda Nagito from Dangan Ronpa and Joshua Kiryu from The World Ends With You. The main picture is how the wig looks right out of the bag – see the alternate pictures for how easily the wig can be fluffed up!

The longest fibers of this wig are about 17" (43 cm) long. The color is a dirty white.

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19 reviews for Super High School Lucky Guy

  1. Icanttypo (verified owner)

    This was the first wig I ever spiked, and boy, did it make it easy. Overall, it’s a wonderful wig. I’d absolutely recommend it!

  2. kb231.stu (verified owner)

    Extremely soft and easy to style!

  3. Theamazingjazz (verified owner)

    This wig is amazing! It holds any styling so well. It’s one of my most comfortable wigs. The wig was very thick and full. The perfect wig for Komaeda!

  4. Jess

    Help me, this wig can be deliver in Belgium or not?

    • The Five Wits

      It can! However, Bpost is not currently able to guarantee delivery times, so it might take longer than the shipping times we state on our FAQ.

  5. GoodMorning (verified owner)

    As a first-time buyer of TFWW, I can confidently say that this is a really nice wig. It’s thick, easy-to-style, and it looks good right out of the bag. Worth the money.

  6. tmartin14 (verified owner)

    Five Wits is automatically where I go to find character wigs and this is a great example as to why! I have had this wig for a few months now, and it is super thick and takes to styling very well. I have washed mine (using the shampoo sold here) and restyled it and it still looks good as new! Definitely recommend!

  7. HajimeHinatasbf (verified owner)

    I ordered this wig I believe last week, it was delivered in a short amount of time which is great for my schedule, the wig is very soft and already looks like Nagitos hair even unstyled, the styling process was very easy and the hair was easy to tease! I would totally order another wig from here!

  8. flyingvulcan (verified owner)

    I know I already left a review for this, but I’m back to say this wig is so nice I bought it TWICE!! I 1000% have recommended this wig to every cosplayer looking for a Nagito wig because it’s just……….the Perfect Wig. I haven’t found any other white wigs that have been this fluffy and thick – I feel spoiled just owning something so nice. If you’re on the fence about it, I’m BEGGING YOU to buy this!!!!

  9. discountouma (verified owner)

    I’d been waiting to get this specific wig for Nagito since the beginning of last year after weeks of trying to find a wig for him that I liked and I finally got it this month! It’s the nicest wig I own and it’s SO soft, I spent a solid ten minutes just touching it lol. It’s super thick, curly and wavy and really easy to style! I hardcore recommend this wig if you’ve been trying to find a good white wig that DOESNT have the pink at the bottom. I think this is the cosplay I’ve gotten the most compliments on and I’ve had it less than two weeks, and most of that time the wig was unstyled!

  10. loveoftheimpossible (verified owner)

    I had been waiting for this wig to be restocked so often that this page came up in my search suggestions most days, but boy oh BOY was it worth the wait!

    I was looking for a good Komaeda wig to buy, but had no clue where to even start looking. After scrolling through pages and pages of Danganronpa cosplay advice tumblrs, I was starting to give up hope (true despair!) that I’d find the wig of my dreams. Thankfully, I accidentally found out about The Five Wits through watching a wig styling video!

    Honestly, I can’t get over how perfect it is – the length, how thick it is (something you don’t think about until you realize you can see your real hair underneath), EVERYTHING. It was so nice and fluffy out of the bag that my partner thought for a moment it had come pre-styled! It was super easy for me to add tufts and curls using just göt2b freeze spray, a blow drier, and my fingers (and before you ask, I’m nowhere on the level of the SHSL Cosplayer).

    Since I’m using this wig for an Ultra Despair Girls cosplay rather than a SDR2 one, I wanted a wig that didn’t have added colors at the tips. While some color-tipped wigs looked okay to me, others seemed a bit too unnatural to be considered an option. However, I’m sure if you wanted to add some beigey-pinkish tips it would be a wonderful addition to this wig!

    All in all, I’m now a super fan of The Five Wits! Already planning on picking up a few things for other upcoming cosplays for both myself and my partner from here to wear to Anime NYC! Standard shipping was FAST, but that might be due to the fact that I live in New England.

    Once I actually finish the final touches of my outfit, I’ll post a photo on my Instagram (@flyingvulcan) of this gorgeous wig!

  11. comfycapitolism (verified owner)

    I love Komaeda very much and this wig is perfect! You do need to style it yourself, but with a bit of hairspray and just scrunching it a bit that part looked canon! The ahoge was easy to style as well with only fingers and hairspray. I get compliments art the one and I always direct them to this site !! Favorite wig I own !!!

  12. Shslshitposter

    If i could put a thousand stars I would. This was the best wig I have honestly ever bought. It was so easy to style that I didn’t even need any product, just my fingers. I would recommend this to any Nagito Komaeda cosplayer.

  13. littleblueballoon (verified owner)

    It is such a beautiful wig and I love it so much! Really thick and not shiny, it’s easy to style and perfect for Nagito!

  14. peppermintings (verified owner)

    I love this wig! It’s so soft, thick, and beautiful. This is the most perfect Komaeda wig out there. It needs some trimming and styling if you want it to look straight out of the game, but even out of the bag it is terrific. One of my favorite wigs!

  15. Raegan Weber (verified owner)

    I bought this wig to do an Asra cosplay from The Arcana game and an altean Lance McClain cosplay. It’s absolutely perfect for both. I didnt cut it because I wanted to keep the length in case I wanted it for a different cosplay and it was amazingly easy to pin it to the length I wanted and has kept that shape since.

  16. cosheartscosplay (verified owner)

    Dont get me wrong. This is an amazing wig. You just have to work with it a bit. It is very thick, with nice wefts. The fibers arent overly glossy looking. However, there is no pink to the wig, so if youre looking to use it for Nagito Komaeda (like me) you will have to dye it pink yourself (not a big deal though) overall, its a very nice wig. Id honestly say it rivals Arda quality. Very recommended.

  17. Faelin Harlowe (verified owner)

    This wig was so completely worth the price! I’ve waited years to cosplay Komaeda and finally ordered a wig from here after seeing this company’s excellent work on this wig, and others. It’s by far one of the nicest wigs I own! Very full and fluffy, it’s fun just by running your fingers through it- which, is just one much easier way to style! The only true “styling” I could/would suggest is using hair spray to uphold the hair tuft Ko has at the top of his head, but I was even able to get it to full fluffiness after just simply using my fingers to play and sculpt with it. For a white wig I’m very impressed with the fullness! This is just as good quality as any Arda wig. If you want to cosplay Komaeda, this is the wig to do so- completely worth everything! I am interested to purchase more wigs from this site. Thank you for helping a dream cosplay of mine come to life, FiveWitsWigs!

  18. Naeem (verified owner)

    absolutely gorgeous wig. i adore it with all my heart. probably favorite wig ive ever owned? soft, easy to style, very thick/has lots of wefts. beautiful color. i always recommend this wig for komaeda!

  19. Rebeckalah (verified owner)

    Perfect Komaeda wig needs a tidbit trimming here and there for styling purposes but it’s a very full thick beautiful wig I love it so much thankyou!! – Rebeckalah

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