Victory Lap Clothes Optional

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This wig is very handsome and supportive. It resists heat, is very easy to style, and also believes in you. It has touchably soft silver fibers wefted omnidirectionally at the top so you can change up your part all you want.

Also we just noticed that is works for Jill Stein? Weird. Maybe also that guy who ice skates. Other silver haired queens and bishies also approve.

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2 reviews for Victory Lap Clothes Optional

  1. Lattiekins (verified owner)

    I used this for Essek Thelyss and I have to say, by giving it a bit of a curl, it worked so perfectly. I was not disappointed and it was very soft and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Robyn (verified owner)

    This is decently good wig, but it does use some filler fiber on the scalp. (The other wig I ordered from The Five Wits also has this filler fiber, but it’s a long wig, so it isn’t as noticeable.) The filler fiber isn’t that coarse, frizzy stuff you see on a really cheap wigs, but it does affect the styling a little bit. If you are trying to move the parts in the hair, you’re going to have to be a bit patient.

    The color of this wig is quite good, and the fiber is fairly soft. The wefts are very dense at the top and sides, but they move around just a little bit on the sides. I would not recommend this for most men as the cap looks like it’s sized for women.

    Shipping was extremely fast! If you live in the US, your wig will probably get to you in less than a week. My friend and I both got our orders in three days. (She ordered on Sunday, and I ordered on Monday, and both packages came in on Wednesday.) I didn’t think that was going to happen because the Wits are going to Katsucon this week.

    If you are getting this wig to cosplay a certain silver-haired skater, this wig needs little styling, and no cutting.

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