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Transform your wig! Looking for Rogue from X-Men, Eridan from Homestuck, or Krory from d.Gray-Man? Two-tone away with easy convertible clips! They easily clip into any of our wigs (or your real hair, if you like), though we've shown some suggested styles below.

There are two little comb-like snap-clips that hold the bang clip to human hair or wig fibers. They click open and shut with gentle pressure from your thumbs. Just click the clips open, slide the bang clip into place, and click them shut.

They're currently available in green, red, "moonlight white", "sugoi black", purple, "akuma silver", "boss fight blue", pink, yellow, "spicy ginger" auburn, and "determination brown", "friendship blonde", and "mallorn blonde".

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Weight 0.18 lbs

Spicy Ginger, Sugoi Black, Boss Fight Blue, Determination Brown, Green, Magical Girl Pink, Purple, Splash Page Red, Akuma Silver, Moonlight White, Yellow, Friendship Blond, Mallorn Blond

2 reviews for Bang Clips

  1. Vincent

    I used the purple bang clip for my Eridan wig, and it worked amazingly. Easily to clip in, great colour and feel, and it doesnt clash with the wig at all. Easy to play around with, too.

  2. Jessu Desu~

    I purchased the black bang clips because I can’t commit to bangs and it matched my hair exactly! It’s long enough so you can style it if need be and it’s super easy to put on (it took me a while to figure this out bc I’m dumb and I didn’t read the description lol oops.) It’s very soft and it’s a great product for a great price! 10/10 would recommend.

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