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Someone believes in you. However small and timid and worried they are from time to time, they will fight the universe to protect you. This humble dark evergreen wig has Big Mom Energy. Whether you are a concerned mother of a super hero honor student or a small goblin, we salute you. This wig is for you!

The wig measures 24" (61 cm) at the longest part.

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2 reviews for Small Mom Child Why

  1. Lattiekins (verified owner)

    Loved this wig when I first saw it and knew I had to get it. I bought it for a Nott cosplay and cut in some straight across bangs while also adding a few layers. Its still pretty thick and has such nice movement.

  2. erbliss97 (verified owner)

    Used this for my femDeku and despite it looking long is really super light which I was surprised by. Another great purchase!

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