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This fluffy and resilient dark green wig is nearly maintenance free, close to indestructible, and bounces back from every mishap with a greater determination. It is also the sweetest, and has the most heart. It resists heat, adding to just how easily it fluffs and styles. You will find working with this friendly and supportive wig to be easy, and fun. It believes in you and your cosplay ability, and that you will go do GREAT THINGS! PLUS ULTRA!

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18 reviews for Cinnamon Roll Plus Ultra

  1. Jacqui (verified owner)

    love this wig so much!

  2. Elaine Houser (verified owner)

    Perfect color, perfect cut! All I had to do for my Midoria Cosplay was fluff with the hair dryer and add a little hair spray to keep everything fluffy!
    I wore my cosplay for 14 hours at AWA 2021. It was super comfortable!

  3. thunderGod (verified owner)

    Amazing!! So easy to style!! Light trim, just to fit my facial features, and hairspray. Love it.

  4. Theamazingjazz (verified owner)

    This was the first wig I have ordered from here. So easy to style, and it holds styles so well! Easily the most comfortable wig I own! The color is perfect. Very thick and full. Perfect for Deku!!!

  5. Lattiekins (verified owner)

    One of my favorite wigs I own. Ive used it work wood elfs/fae, a Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas, a mermaid and soon a mushroom boy based on my D&D character. Its never felt flat or tangled and arrived ready to wear right out of the bag.

  6. penedae (verified owner)

    My first wig from this store, and I’m blown away from the quality! Things I noticed right out of the bag: 1) The cap is a reddish-brown tone, which slightly confused me as I’d never seen a wig cap that color. 2) The wig is THICK and covers my hair very well. 3) It takes styling very well, but could very easily be worn straight out of the bag. Considering I was debating on either this wig or an Arda wig for my Deku cosplay, I’m extremely glad I chose this one! Shipping was EXTREMELY quick, arrived 4 days after purchase, and was SO much cheaper than other wig websites for the same time frame. Definitely going to buy more wigs from here!

  7. Haylee Morton (verified owner)

    I was expecting to have to do a lot of work on this wig but the texture was so perfect I spent maybe 5 minutes on it and didn’t even need the steamer I bought for it! It’s exactly what I wanted for Deku and I think Five Wits is my new go to now!!

  8. Yoursenpai (verified owner)

    Great quality

  9. Yoursenpai (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this wig! Perfect for my deku cosplay

  10. Celeste523 (verified owner)

    I love this wig so much, I got it for my Halloween costume and for my Deku cosplay. This was my first wig from this company but it won’t be my last. Just giving a few shakes upside down gave me the style I wanted for my Deku wig. I really love this wig and highly recommend it for anyone.

  11. tunaphish (verified owner)

    I’ve styled two of these wigs now and they’re so fluffy and easy to work with (you can even wear it straight out of the bag!!!) I love how soft and easy to work with the fibers are.

  12. Rebel_princess_cosplay (verified owner)

    This wig absolutely fantastic!! In terms of styling you only have to run your hands through it and it’s ready to go for HOURS I’ve worn this wig to a con and it stayed perfectly messy 🙂 it’s such an amazing quality ♡

  13. Katharina Miesgang (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this wig! I barely had to cut it and the colour is so beautiful! I’ll definitely buy another wig from this shop^^

  14. khyfclemons (verified owner)

    It’s as easy as flipping the wig upside down on a wighead and shaking it gently (literally did that when mine came in, and it came out perfectly!) Its super soft, fibers are easy to set and its nice and thick from all sides! Seriously, this company is perfect. Always perfect, everytime.

  15. Rebel_princess_cosplay (verified owner)

    This is the PERFECT deku wig!!! It’s so easy to style and looks absolutely amazing. I honestly just run my fingers through it once it’s on my head to get the messy look Deku has. I adore this wig so much and can’t thank five wits enough for making such quality wigs 🙂

  16. ArchivistsEyes (verified owner)

    Perfect fluffy wig! All I gotta do is headbang and I’m ready to cosplay my bone breaking bean! Super easy to style.

  17. Chelsea

    This is the best deku wig ever. I didnt have to do much styling. Good quality like all their wigs are. I recommend this company to everyone I know.

  18. Tired_Cosplays (verified owner)

    My third wig from this company and once again I am very satisfied with the wigs! This wig is super soft and comfortable!!! It’s thick and looks amazing for Deku!!! I didn’t even have to style it! I took it out from it’s bag, shook it gently, and BAM! It was styled perfectly!!! I can’t wait to order more wigs from this site and definitely recommend the wigs to any cosplayer looking for durable wigs!

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