Sweet Skitter Bug Giggle

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This wig is so fluffy and cute, we can't even. We first fluffed it and then smoothed it to photo, and now we can't stop playing with it, it is so poseable and fluffy. Ahem. This heat resistant wig is great for fluffy sweet characters full of quirks and charm. Also probably some deeply underestimated villains who get by looking this cute and fluffy. Also you need to be touching this wig. It is so magical.

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3 reviews for Sweet Skitter Bug Giggle

  1. ajbwasnthere (verified owner)

    Perfect colour for Mina. Hairbands give me headaches but with the amount of weft and quality of the wig cap I was able to securely clip my horns on and keep the wig on from 8am till 6pm without any tightness or headaches. It was really easy to clean and take care of after a two day con and I can’t wait to roll her out again.

  2. YellowBellyFox

    This wig is perfect for a multitude of characters. The wig is very full and very lush! It can be fluffed with your fingers or styled with ease. And the style stays in very well even after a full day of wearing. The wefts are full and easily hides my dark brown hair. No shedding even after washing.

  3. drawntosleep (verified owner)

    The description does this wig justice, haha! It really is an adorable wig. It’s a dusty bubble gum pink, very, VERY thickly wefted, super fluffy, and doesn’t want to stay flat no matter how much heavy petting it is given. Unless you take a straightener to it, of course. But why would you? It’s perfect straight out of the bag as it is 😀

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