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A heroic and mysterious wig all in midnight green, this sleek and heat resistant wig comes with an infinity bow of wired matching green hair. So it’s pretty much perfect. Ribbit.

This wig has been reviewed by Koumori No Hime!

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3 reviews for Here Come What Fropp

  1. ReddenedKitsune (verified owner)

    Amazing wig! I was a little iffy on buying it at first since I have a long torso, but the length did not disappoint. I wore it a few times since I bought it back in 2020, and the quality is still great. The bow was a little confusing and did not like to stick upright, but a few see through bands helped keep it in place.

    Overall the quality, thickness, color, and length is a 10/10.

  2. Noah Ronek (verified owner)

    I LOVE this wig so much and its sooo nice and soft and the color and bangs are perfect, the only problem I have it the bow :(. Its beautiful and super soft, but i cannot figure out for the life of me how to put it on! This wig is definitely still worth it though.

  3. Mochi

    Hi. Yes.
    So I have been sent this wonderful Tsuyu wig from @thefivewitswigs to review.

    My Instagram is @mochi__cosplay if you want to ask additional questions~! ☺️❤️

    My first reaction was amazement when I saw the wig. It was absolutely beautiful and very well packaged. The bow for Tsuyus hair was carefully packaged in a separate bag. The wig is amazing quality and super duper long! It is easy to brush through and is not thin. It is quite thick. The color is spot on! I had to style her bangs which was quite easy to do! This wig has /a lot/ of hair. The wig cooperated very well when styling and is breatheable. Surprisingly, not many hairs fall out of the wig even though it is super long. The ribbon was slightly difficult to put on since I’m slow but it will be quite easy for you guys. I honestly really recommend this shop. It sells these beautifully crafted wigs for a reasonable price! The wig is also heat resistant so you can style it without a worry~! You will most definitely not be disappointed. If you have any further questions then please dm me privately. Once again, please check out @thefivewitswigs shop because their wigs are beautiful. I will most definitely be purchasing wigs there. They do an amazing job and should be applauded. Thank you very much for your time my lovelies. Have a wonderful day~! ~Ribbit

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